We screen, attract, and relocate experienced IT and engineering talent from qualified countries to our Eastern-European service centers. Alternatively, we also facilitate smooth relocation of Eastern European top talent to our customers’ international offices.

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Relocation models

The truth is, we don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Your company is unique, and these are just guidelines. We believe that in order to provide the best service, we should tailor our offering to perfectly fit your business.

Relocate to Skelia’s

We find the right talent within 10+ countries, get your approval, and immediately relocate them to one of our Skelia Service Centers. We dramatically extend our sourcing pool and build top multinational teams, rapidly.

Relocate to Your

We find the right talent, get your approval, and immediately relocate the employees to your office. With this model, you get a team that works exclusively for you as part of your company.

Hybrid Relocation

It’s also possible to start collaborating with tech talent within a cross-border team at Skelia’s facilities, and only relocate team members after an appropriate amount of time and relevant experience.



Local recruitment is taking too long and constrains your growth.

Innovative Tech

You struggle to find top talent with unique technical qualifications.


You are open to testing an optimal team distribution across multiple locations where talent is available and/or required.


Let us find qualified and experienced employees for you in Eastern Europe. To do this, we search for, interview, and screen the best IT and engineering talent on your behalf. Once we find qualified professionals who are open to relocation, you are able to move them immediately and set them up on your payroll. Otherwise, you are welcome to first test them out on a remote basis until you are ready for a more permanent move. Happy mediums are also possible with a combination of onsite and remote work. As you can see, working with Skelia removes stress from the entire relocation process, both for you and your future employees.

  • Tell Us Your Requirements

    This is the first step. We’ll help you create your job description and provide advice on localization changes. Setting our hiring criteria for new employees is critical to nail at the beginning of our engagement, which is why we strive to define them together with your input. To do this, we look at a combination of technical skills, industry background or experience, as well as seniority level, salary range, and soft skills such as communication ability, character, and personal ambition.

    State your requirements
  • We Find the Best Talent

    Having recruited and staffed over 500 IT professionals from Eastern Europe for our clients, Skelia is highly experienced and well respected. Our experienced IT recruiters use a combination of tools, such as: job publications, active search, social media channels, job fairs, and employee referral programs complemented by employer branding. Additionally, the Skelia HR team utilizes a screened candidate backlog and an extensive database with almost 30000 CVs.

    We find the best talent
  • We Screen the Candidates

    We assess potential candidates and shortlist the best matching participants by conducting:

    • HR interviews. We run a soft-skills assessment to identify the cultural matching of candidates using the customer’s profile, values, and ambitions.
    • Technical interviews. Our senior technical experts conduct and provide a detailed candidate assessment report.
    • Technical tests. We organize online testing according to the client’s requirements.
    We pre-interview candidates
  • You Select the Best Matches

    We’ll arrange your one-on-one interviews with pre-qualified candidates. At this stage, we give our clients total freedom to choose the candidate they think is the best fit for the job.

    You select the best match for your needs
  • If Applicable, We Relocate the Candidates

    Once candidates are selected, we provide full relocation support and ensure a successful onboarding experience.

    We start the relocating process


When you work with Skelia, not only do you get skilled and smart IT professionals, but people who love what they do. We are team-driven and result-oriented individuals, who care for your success just as much as you do. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. Here are some of the top reasons we think you should be working with Skelia:

World-Class Tech Talent

Many Eastern European countries, like Ukraine and Poland, find themselves within the top-rated IT outsourcing countries in the world. Be assured, you are getting highly qualified talent that meets your project requirements.

Perfect Matching

We implement a thorough screening process to make sure that only the best of the best local candidates are selected. Everything is considered, including soft skills and other minute details to find your perfect match.

High Retention Level

Our goal is to create a long-term partnership with our clients. We never “push” semi-matching resources to a customer. This is why we have an extremely high retention level in the industry. IT talent staffed by Skelia has a 7-10% retention rate.

Experienced Professionals

We excel at staffing experienced and certified tech experts. 90% of Skelia’s employees hired for clients have at least three years of professional experience. 50% have over seven years of relevant work, and close to 90% have a Master’s degree or PhD.

Dedicated Support Team

Our support team will guide you through the entire process – from the first contact until final selection, and if requested, relocation to a new office.

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