Thinking of setting up ops in a new country? If so, we’ve got you covered. Skelia exceeds at building IT and engineering affiliate companies in Eastern Europe. We do this by building fully dedicated nearshore teams, and then spinning them off as their own legal entities that can be transferred to clients like you.

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Team Transfer for Spin-off - Skelia


Skelia helps international companies create IT and engineering businesses in Eastern Europe. Unlike traditional outsourcing companies, we give our customers the unique opportunity to spin-off and transfer their Skelia team into a fully customer-owned legal entity. Start by building a dedicated team as a seamless extension of your local organisation, we nature it and, once mature, transfer the remote team into your company. The acquisition fee and transfer terms are mutually agreed upfront at the start of our cooperation, no surprises.
Team spin off in Ukraine


benefits from Skelia team transfer

International Expansion

Established corporate planning to buy or organically grow an affiliate company in Eastern Europe.
benefits from team transfer - Skelia

Startup Funding & Exits

Any startup raising money or preparing for an exit
that would like to reduce external dependencies and achieve maximum valuation.
Skelia - benefits from team transfer

Full Control

Any company that needs full control in order to mitigate intellectual property risk or shore up corporate structure objectives.


Skelia builds a dedicated team for you
We Build Your Dedicated Team

We onboard your Powerteam as an extension of your local organisation, matching both your company’s needs and culture. This includes:

  • Talent search, interviewing and hiring the right candidates

  • Infrastructure and facility set up

  • Orientation and training of the new team

Skelia - spin off model
We Facilitate Your Remote Team

You cooperate directly with your dedicated tech teams as if they were your own employees within your organisation. Skelia facilitates all support services, including guiding and motivating your team members for optimal performance and stability. This includes:

  • Steamlining our cross-border organization

  • Handling all facets of team support (HR, IT, legal, travel, operations)

  • Implementing your methodologies, processes and tools

  • Ensuring GDPR and security compliance (ISO 27001: 2013)

  • Secure team motivation—compensation packages, personal development and retention

  • General office management: your team can work in a branded room to increase the feeling of being a part of your company

Skelia spin-off model
We Transfer the Team to Your Company

It’s important to note that this step is optional, and you may choose to continue the partnership without transfer. The transfer process involves:

  • Registration of a new legal entity

  • Transferring your team members

  • Acquiring the shares of the new legal entity

  • Finalizing the handover of operations without compromising performance


We have a 10-year history of successfully providing tech staff augmentation services to a diverse range of clients—from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. The main benefit of Skelia’s build-operate-transfer model is that it gives you control over your team and the ability to influence the “company culture” right from the start. Most importantly, it’s cost-effective, low risk and has a shorter delivery time compared to other models.
Skelia - Corporate spin-off
You acquire a proven, loyal, motivated team that has been vetted and subsequently tested during a trial period.
Skelia - spin off company
You retain all knowledge, innovations, trade secrets, and other IP within your company and in accordance with your protocols.
Skelia helps minimize the initial investment
No need to break the bank to establish your business abroad. Skelia helps minimize the initial investment by taking care of facilities, technologies, network, and security.
Skelia helps minimize the initial investment - spin-off
We make it a point to minimize any unnecessary bureaucracy and give our customers the flexibility to scale their businesses up or down with nothing more than a simple meeting.

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