Process Outsourcing

Extending your processes to nearshore locations
We manage and optimize specific business and technology processes for you operating remotely from Skelia Service Centers. Day-to-day functions or activities are often taken for granted. Outsourcing resource- and time-consuming activities, not only allows for greater capacity, scalability, and flexibility, but also has the additional benefit of acquiring specialist know-how, for which you don’t have the skills, or you only need it on a one-time basis.

Pay as you Use

Our infrastructure and service teams providing process outsourcing are shared across the client. Therefore, we can apply a pay-as-you-use format.

Improved Efficiency

Skelia professionals involved in process outsourcing possess specialist know-how, driven by excellence and continuous improvement.

Why skelia

World class talent

We attract the best IT and engineering professionals in Eastern Europe with leading credentials.

Our Facilities

We take care about facilities, network, security, people management and motivation.

Competitive Price

We have unprecedented experience in cross border collaboration and virtual teams.

Best Profile Match

We carefully select our people to match your IT needs, language level and company culture.

Working Your Way

We can use your tools, policies, processes, methodologies up to company culture and styling.

Agile Collaboration

We have unprecedented experience in cross border collaboration and virtual teams.

Customer testimonials

The decisive factor that made it all work was that we managed to join efforts and cooperate efficiently. We learned from each other and helped each other sharing our best practices. At the beginning, we were customers and, now, we are partners working together. So, I think we contribute to each other’s goals making us a good business partner not just a client.

— Kristof Caekebeke | Head of Development Omni-Channel at Thomas Cook

I would certainly recommend Skelia to others because they really helped us jumpstart. Skelia quickly responded to our request and offered a transparent hiring process. Within 1-2 weeks, we received an offer, in 3-4 weeks we had a shortlist of three candidates proposed, in 5-6 weeks we started working on the project with the selected person.

— Jürgen Penne | Managing Partner at Eltrovo

The way Skelia works and delivers services proves that the company is more than a mere software development provider. It is a strategic partner that contributes to our business objectives and helps us reach them. As a mature company, Skelia has well-established communication processes at both the project and business levels reflected in fast responses of HR, PMs, tech leads, and team members.

— Sven Coppens | Development Manager at ADAM Software

We are very satisfied with Skelia as our IT service provider. Even though we have a client-supplier relationship, it feels like a true partnership has rooted in product understanding and an honest interest in our business case evolution. Skelia also offers a good balance between price and quality, resulting in affordable yet qualitative resources that are well managed from project and HR perspectives.

— Isabel Van Obergen | Chief Executive Officer at SpartaNova

We are very satisfied with the quality of the services received. The developers share good ideas and are eager to implement them right away. I just try to manage that. Skelia programmers have a high level of proficiency. They clarify the requirements when something is unclear, and come up with new ideas of implementation so that I can choose the best one or rethink that part.

— Xavier Vermeiren | Chief Software Officer at Viloc

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