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We test your apps and business solutions, web portability and backend integration using leading tools, techniques and a rich set of real devices. Our certified QA engineers have solid hands-on testing experience and always stay at the forefront of technology, transforming their knowledge into outstanding quality for your product.

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Types of Testing

Exploratory Testing

Hands-on testing approach conducted to determine the overall quality level of software and its behavior. It is performed without documentation and preliminary planning.

User Interface Testing

Validates whether the software’s GUI meets specifications as in mockups or detailed design documents. It checks the consistency or duplication of accelerator keys and examines positions and alignments of window objects.

Functional Testing

Black box technique that focuses on testing the software against use cases, requirements and design documents. It ensures that the product has all the required functionality specified in the requirements.

Integration Testing

Identifies issues that occur when individual software units are combined as one component. There are different approaches namely, top-down integration testing, bottom-up integration testing and sandwich testing.

Usability Testing

Performed to evaluate how user-friendly the GUI design is and how easily the client can learn to use an application. In addition to usability, the application should comply with standards such as ISO-9126, ISO-9241-11, ISO-13407, and IEEE std.610.12

Compatibility Testing

Verifies if the application can be executed on different hardware, operating systems, application servers, web servers, emulators, databases, processors, hardware peripherals, different configurations, browsers and their versions.

Negative Testing

Negative testing is a creative process intended to validate the software against invalid data. Commonly, negative testing is referred to as error path testing or failure testing, and it is performed to check how stable the application is.

Performance Testing

Assesses the system’s effectiveness and speed to ensure it produces results within a specified time laid down in performance requirements.

Localization Testing

Checks the software’s compliance with a particular locale based on its cultural and linguistic peculiarities. The software should support a specific language of display, font, date time, currency, etc.

Regression Testing

A process of testing changes made to a system, component, or a group of units. It ensures that the modification works impeccably; is not damaging and imposes no threats to other modules.

Customer testimonials


Energage and Skelia worked together and built a functional automation framework and many automated tests. They were extremely flexible regarding our engagement terms, desired framework, and choosing the engineers we used. They also supplied manual testing help that quickly learned our systems and adapted to rapidly changing requirements and testing environment challenges.

— Robert A Cahill | QA Lead at Energage


If we request TestLab4apps to test one of our products, we know it will be thoroughly tested. Furthermore, they will advise us on how to improve our process and are very flexible when it comes to reaching strict deadlines. A very reliable partner!

— Jan Sem | Quality Assurance Contractor at Showpad


Rubicoin worked with Tetiana and the TestLab Team at a critical point in our business growth during 2016. I was highly impressed with the team, how they collaborated with our development team and how they managed the entire testing process. I would be happy to recommend the TestLab team to any business looking to top quality testing support.

— John Tyrrell | COO & Co-Founder at Rubicoin, Ltd., Ireland

Why is it better than in-house?


We are unbiased testing experts and evaluate your app with structured test cases, best practice methods, and tools.

A wide range of devices

Your app is tested on a rich set of real mobile devices and emulators to ensure its best performance and user acceptance.

User experience testing

We uncover how users perceive your mobile app on easiness and attractiveness.

Exhaustive testing reports

We produce exhaustive reports with well-documented test results and recommendations.

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QA Engineer, ISTQB-certified tester with over 3+ yrs. of hands-on app testing experience


Certified Business Unit Manager with 10+ yrs. in software testing and 5+ yrs of managerial experience


QA Lead, ISTQB-certified tester with 4+ yrs. of hands-on app testing experience