Robotic processes are more than just automatization. They are also about setting the right priorities. While your routine tasks are being handled by robots, your employees will drive your company towards innovative growth. Skelia can guide you along this path.

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When Creative People Meet Smart Robots

Using robots’ help for dealing with boring but necessary tasks no longer sounds like science fiction. It sounds like the best opportunity to make your business more effective, smart, and data-driven by outsourcing all the routines to robots and assigning creative and unique tasks to your employees.

The Way Robotic Process Automation Works

What process would you like to automate with an RPA solution?

  1. Your process should be rule-based and have no unpredictable variables.
  2. It should be launched by a specific digital action and powered by data.
  3. It should be ongoing, repetitive and stable.
  4. It should have a great volume of executions.

Let the technical part of the job begin!

The Robotic Process Solution can be developed, programmed, and customized in any way you find effective for your business process automation. It can ongoingly deal with time-consuming and repetitive tasks that go on according to the specific rules and don’t need constant human control.

Launch, improve and scale.

Most of the business processes of modern companies can be improved and automated with the help of RPA technologies. Get started by integrating RPA into the most essential one, and gradually proceed with improving the effectiveness of other processes step by step.

Efficient RPA Toolkit for Your Business

UI Path

The Skelia certified tech team is well-versed and skilled in robotic process automation services and smart bots development. Still, we need to use some kind of foundation to leverage RPA for your business. According to our experience, the UiPath platform is the safest and the most effective solution for business processes automation setup. The possibilities of this technology cover all the industries where RPA integration makes the most sense, plus it hosts a lot of ready-made solutions inside to streamline the automation process.

Make the Most Use Out of Robots with Skelia

To get started with the RPA journey for your business, we need to carefully analyze your business specifics, current tasks, and challenges to define the ones that take the most time and labor of your employees. Next, we will create a holistic RPA strategy to perfectly meet your requirements and help you achieve the following goals.

Multiple Apps

An RPA robot will handle the automation of tasks within your business applications such as signing into your email and other platforms or filling out forms. Retrieve and analyze documents, prepare and send regular reports, detect, open and process emails and attachments and much more.

Multiple Sources Data

By using robots’ assistance for dealing with routine tasks, you also get an opportunity to collect data from multiple sources — for example, legacy and cloud solutions — and safely move it to a single environment for further classification and analysis.

Quick Data Processing and
Smart Reporting

Smart robots love to process data, and the data processing speed, effectiveness, and insightfulness they provide can become another competitive advantage for your business. RPA solutions are tireless, emotion-free, and 99.9 % immune from mistakes.

Olivier Istace

We’ve been doing plenty of test automation for 10 years in terms of our TestLab for our clients. So it's a logical evolutionary step for us to broaden our services to RPA and build an RPA Center of Excellence able to automate all enterprise business processes as well. So we moved up from automating functions to automation of business processes.

Olivier Istace,
Skelia COO

Consider RPA Implementation for Your Business

To date, businesses from banking and finance, healthcare and logistics, telecom and insurance, e-commerce, and retail show RPA expansion. Still, the possibilities of RPA services aren’t limited to these industries only, so you can also consider them for your business if you have one or more of these goals:

Give Your Employees
More Freedom

Boring tasks leave little room for creativity and efficiency, and they make your staff lose motivation. Instead of burdening your best talents with the tasks the robots can handle, let them grow your business.

Speed Up Routine

The modern opportunities for data analysis open up a lot of competitive advantages. Still, they add more routine tasks to deal with day after day. RPA technology can rid you of repetitive issues, making them fully automated.

Reduce Risks

The cost of a mistake can be huge, especially in a compliance-critical environment. Using a robotic process solution saves you from human errors, reducing your risks and ensuring careful compliance of all the business regulations.

Robotic Process Automation Services at Skelia

Ready to bring some innovation and onboard your first robot? Here is what Skelia can do for your business.
  • Consulting and RPA Strategy Development

    To develop a robotic solution that will perfectly fit your business needs, we need to schedule a quick but meaningful interview with your company. It will help us to outline the processes that take the most time and labor and need to be automated as soon as possible. Then we will suggest the possible solutions, prove their concept, and develop a holistic strategy for RPA implementations.

  • RPA Program Implementation

    Being guided by your strategy, we will create and implement an intelligent automation perfectly aligned with your requirements, current tasks, and growth vision. We will also integrate it with the solutions you currently use to unlock the most effective data analysis opportunities.

  • RPA Managed Services

    Implementing RPA is only the first step towards innovation and growth. Your RPA software also needs careful maintenance to make sure the way it works is perfectly aligned with your business goals to drive your company towards achievement.

  • RPA Dedicated Team

    If you already have RPA experts in-house and need to scale it in a cost-efficient and agile way, Skelia can build a remote RPA development team in Eastern Europe. We select the best RPA consultants according to your requirements to work exclusively for you. Also we give you a unique option to acquire them as your own RPA center or relocate them onsite on demand.

Let an innovative journey begin!

Work smart and let the robots work for your benefit. Apply for a free consultation with us right now to instantly find out what value RPA services can deliver to your business.

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