A Multimedia Solution for Inspiring Online Learning

A Multimedia Solution for Inspiring Online Learning


Industry: Multimedia

Location: USA

Duration: 2018

NET, Azure Cloud, SQL, DevOps, NET. Core, Javascript, Angular JS, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, nopCommerce
iOS: Swift, Cocoa Touch, CocoaPods, Facebook SDK, Google SDK, GCD
Android: AndroidX, Retrofit2, Firebase, Architecture Components, Google Play Services, Facebook SDK, ExoPlayer, Glide

Services Used:


web sessions


rating on AppStore and Google Play


installs on Google Play

The Background

Global peace ambassador Prem Rawat has been traveling the world his entire life to deliver a single message: “Peace is possible.” He has addressed over 40 million people worldwide at live events, on TV, and radio with this message.

The launch of the TimelessToday.tv web platform on his 50th anniversary made the audio, reading materials, and videos of Prem Rawat available to everyone online. The platform offers content about the human potential for peace and wellbeing and is complemented by iOS and Android mobile apps.

The Challenge

TimelessToday quickly gained popularity in more than 140 countries. Both the web platform and mobile applications were a huge success with their accessible and beautiful content of various formats. However, the system couldn’t cope with the rapidly growing number of visitors while hosting live events with many attendees.

Strategic Partnership

Phase I. The client appreciated Skelia’s transparent business model and hands-on experience, so they asked Skelia’s experts to re-architect the Azure Cloud infrastructure of the system to improve responsiveness under load. Skelia’s architect examined the performance of the back-end/database layer to identify the cases of abnormally slow performance when the load is high and fixed the performance issues using Microsoft Azure SQL Database. Within a week, the issues that had been neglected for months were resolved.

Phase II. After that, Skelia developed an API to support one of the mobile app’s new features related to organizing video lessons into chapters. Seeing the value of cooperation with Skelia, the client asked the team to renovate the back-end API and develop data integration on the front end of the web platform and mobile apps. During the busiest periods, the team consisted of four .NET developers, a DevOps expert, and two alternating project managers working on Skelia’s side.

Phase III. The client asked Skelia to handle their mobile applications, and a mobile development team was set up. It was responsible for fixing bugs, delivering test builds, releasing apps, and more. At this stage, Skelia also took over the client’s web solution development. The team included an iOS developer, an Android developer, and a .NET developer.

The Skelia team redesigned and redeveloped the integration with payment systems and added two-factor authentication and redesigned several services to make the system more stable.


The Results

Skelia helped to improve and re-engineer the TimelessToday web platform and mobile applications. Now, users can be connected with their favorite platform at all times, follow recent news from Prem Rawat and the related events going on around the world.

System re-engineering:

  • Improved the responsiveness under load

  • Developed a new database layer to persist information about the already watched and remaining content

  • Packaged and deployed an API solution in the Kubernetes infrastructure on Azure

  • Improved the admin module to tailor content for end-users

  • Upgraded Swift and XCode, Universal App (iPad+iPhone), Chromecast, and iOS auto-renewable subscription to the latest versions

The team created the following modules for mobile applications:

Content management:

Improved streaming video content

Improved push notifications about new videos and live events

Organizing video lessons into chapters

Implementing and improving different types of Login/Creating Account methods (through Google and phone number)

Improving and supporting the PEAK module with chapters (videos organized in a particular order) and user surveys

Subscriptions and payment:

Special subscriptions for instant access to live streams and replays, interviews, full-length events and more

Premium and classic packages of subscriptions, gifts depending on user subscription

Redesigned and redeveloped payment systems for subscriptions: Apple in-app purchases, Google in-app purchases, Stripe

Support and feedback:

Supporting Hindi, English, Italian, French, Spanish localizations

Bug fixing

Optimizing the stability of the Android app and its size (by 74%, from 25 megabytes to 6.5 megabytes)

Mick McManus

Skelia is composed of an incredible team of architects and developers, but their greatest strength lies in their transparent business model. They understand the importance of a harmonious business relationship. Their philosophies aligned perfectly with our business goals.

Mick McManus,IT Manager at TimelessToday

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