Skelia Confirms Poland as Strategic Growth Market for IT

Skelia, a trusted global IT services company and a successful market challenger, confirms the significant year-on-year growth of its Krakow-based service centre and strengthens its Polish organization with the appointment of Shemek Fedyczkowski, as Director of Operations.

Skelia’s 150 IT professionals lead by excellence, technology acumen, and customer dialogue. Since its creation in 2008, Skelia helps European and U.S. customers achieve growth and efficiency by extending their businesses with IT talent from Eastern Europe. The company is headquartered in Luxembourg and provides software development, quality assurance, and outsourcing services operating through the network of service centres in Poland and Ukraine, with branch offices in the U.S., U.K., and the Netherlands.

Skelia, a Successful IT Market Challenger in Poland

“Poland has one of the fastest growing economies in Eastern Europe with a favourable business climate, excellent education system, and highly qualified IT population. Considering our strong business demand for the best IT talent in Europe and the U.S., we decided to strengthen our Polish operations as an important growth market. Our strategy is not to be a price killer, but to excel by service quality, people excellence, and team retention,” says Skelia’s CEO Patrik Vandewalle. “We are proud to have doubled our staff in Poland over the last 12 months to over 30 IT professionals today. Moreover, we expect to reach more than 80 people within the next two years at Skelia Poland.”

Shemek Fedyczkowski, Director of Operations at Skelia Poland

Shemek Fedyczkowski, an accomplished and inspiring leader, joins Skelia Poland as Director of Operations. In his new role, Mr. Fedyczkowski will lead the business operations of Skelia Poland, driving the organization’s operational excellence and sustainable business growth.

“Efficient management is more than applying best practices to existing business capabilities, it’s continually looking to identify, plan & apply continuous operational transformation in response to the changing market landscape & most importantly the changing needs of our clients” – says Shemek Fedyczkowski, newly appointed Director of Operations.

In the past 6 years, Mr Fedyczkowski has held senior management positions, leading departments and delivery centers of global IT companies in Poland. During his tenure at EPAM, he grew the organization from 65 software engineers to 350+. Before that, as Country Manager at IBM, Mr Fedyczkowski was responsible for 14 teams supporting the IT layer of one of Switzerland’s biggest financial institutions. Prior to working at the large corporations, he has successfully built and sold several IT businesses in Vancouver, Canada. Mr. Fedyczkowski earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University.

About Skelia

Skelia is a global IT services company providing software development, quality assurance, and outsourcing services. We help our European and US customers with the best IT talent of Eastern Europe.
Headquartered in Europe, Skelia operates through a global network of offices in Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland and the United States.
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About Skelia

Skelia is an international leader in building cross-border IT and engineering organizations and affiliate companies in Eastern-Europe. For over a decade, we have provided staff augmentation services to a diverse range of clients—from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. We operate in Luxembourg, the UK, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, and the US.

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