#Skelia_talks with Anton, Senior Microsoft CRM developer at Skelia Kyiv

What makes a good company great? It is a complex recipe of many factors, but one of the main ingredients is people who are in the team. #Skelia_talks aim is to tell the world unique stories about our team members and today, we’re going to chat with Anton about his experience in Skelia, his unique hobby and what is so enchanting in the… SKY.

  • Hi Anton! Please tell us a bit about yourself.
  • Hi there! I’ve been working at Skelia for more than half a year. I have 10 years of experience in IT, last 4 years I’ve been mainly working with Microsoft Dynamics technologies. My team is great and my project is engaging. 
  • Do you like working at Skelia?
  • Yes, everything is nice. Awesome people, a neat office, and the location is great. I like the project I’m working on. My customer is from Finland – very good guys, I like to work with them.
  • Wow, what exactly do you like? Their style of work? 
  • Well, most of all, I like the stack of technologies used because they are very interesting. We are working on the solution of CRM Dynamics integration with telephony providers. As for the style of work, I enjoy it. I like European approach to work. Very open and democratic. My customers are flexible, they are driven to innovate, and they have no overpressure of standards or bureaucracy.
  • It’s awesome to hear that! Now, please tell us about your hobby. Are you a pilot?
  • Flying is my hobby. I have been interested in aviation for a very long time, since childhood. I was born in Irkutsk, it’s in Russia, near Baikal lake. And since my parents are Ukrainian, we often had to travel by plane. My first flight was when I was 2 months old.
  • Wow!
  • I remember those times… I always liked the atmosphere of flights and airports. I even used to think about the pilot’s career. But flights have stayed in my life as a hobby.
  • Do you have a pilot license now?
  • Yes! I got my license last year. It is a PPL (Private Pilot License). It allows me to fly not for money, just for private needs. To be a professional pilot, you need to obtain CPL (Commercial Pilot License). But everybody starts from the PPL.
Skelia Talks with Anton Pilot
  • You probably had a turning point while learning when you’ve decided to take actions towards your dream, how did it happen?
  • Well, I have gradually learned more and more about this – how much the training costs, how it looks like, types of licenses and what are the requirements. Almost 2 years ago I decided to start education. It took 1 year to get the license.
  • And how does this training look like?
  • First, you pass a theoretical course.
  • What did you study there?
  • Well, major disciplines are flying principles, air laws, meteorology, navigation, radio communication, human factor, operational procedures of the aircraft on which I would fly. Once you’ve finished the course and passed the tests, you start practicing flying. It should be done for at least 45 hours. In my flying school, it was 48 hours. Finally, after passing the theoretical and practical examination you can pick up your license at the Ministry of Infrastructure. From that moment on, you are officially pilot. You can rent a plane, however, it’s not very easy to do this in Ukraine. For example, in Europe, it is much easier to rent a plane, but you need the validation of your license.
  • Would you like to fly in Europe?
  • Yes, I have such plan. It would be nice to fly to some beautiful place like Iceland.
  • How about those 48 hours of flight time? Are you alone or with a coach? 
  • According to the schedule, the first solo flight, without an instructor, is planned around the 12th hour of your practice.
  • It’s probably so scary!
  • You know, by that moment you feel ready since you’ve trained a lot with “touch and go flights”. That’s when you take off, fly around the airfield, then approach runway, slightly touch it and then go again and again in circles. Anyway, if you are not ready or confident – no one will allow you to fly alone. There are two instructors in school and both of them should give you confirmation before your first solo flight. And of course, this flight should take place in good weather conditions.
  • And how did your first solo flight happen?
  • I remember that day and I will probably never forget it. It was on March 8, 2019. It started as usual flying day. After some time of training, the instructor said – well, if you do the cycle 3 times without my help, then you can fly solo. I’ve done them well and then took off for the first independent flight. It was a breathtaking experience to understand that you are alone in the cabin for the first time. Of course, I had a radio connection with the instructor. Everything went fine – as you can see me here right now (laughter). It was kind of a milestone for me, which made me feel more confident.
  • That sounds amazing! What else did you study at that school?
  • Flights in different weather conditions, emergency situations, for example, what to do if there’s an engine failure. Theoretically, the engine may fail at any moment during the flight.
  • Wow! How so?
  • Well, anything can happen, you know. You just need to be prepared for the situation. In that case, you need to find the most suitable place if there is no airfield nearby. For example, if there is a field with corn and grass – it is better to land on the grass. Also, it’s important to make sure there are no power lines and avoid trees or bushes. You need to do an emergency landing as safe as possible.
  • Absolutely! Okay, what else do you train during such flights?
  • The main goal is the route flight. One of the final tasks was to fly at least 270 kilometers with 2 landings at aerodromes other than our base. I flew to Vinnytsia International Airport. That was a nice experience.  
Skelia Talks with Anton about sky and his hobby
  • Maybe you had an experience when something unpredictable had happened?
  • Oh, yes! Once we were flying and unexpectedly got into the turbulence airflow. If I had not been properly fastened – I might have hit my head.
  • How interesting. Tell us, how often do you fly?
  • Now, after obtaining a license, I don’t fly as much as I would like to. Approximately once per month. But now I try to fly more often since I found a good club where I can rent a plane.
  • Maybe there’s an airplane you’d dream to fly on?
  • I fly on propeller planes, but I would like to try the jet ones. They have much more power and once you start the plane you can even feel yourself being pressed into the chair. There is no such effect on planes I’ve already tried. I would like also to try one day to fly on a large passenger plane as well. 
  • And what about the height of the flights?
  • As general aviation, we can fly up to 1500 meters in a G class. But usually, we fly around 300-600 meters above the ground. Once the weather was great: it was a winter day and we decided to climb above the clouds, around 1500 m. It was amazing.
  • What would you say to folks who are afraid of flying?
  • Aviation today is a very safe industry based on principles of a multilevel system of protection against possible errors. Even if a person makes a mistake, there is an overlapping system for this situation. Or if something is wrong with the system, then the person can correct this error. There is no need to fear.
  • Thank you so much, Anton, for your incredible story!

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