Skelia expands to US market and opens New York office

Skelia is pleased to announce its incorporation in the US market with the creation of Skelia Inc in Delaware and opening of a first commercial office in Manhattan, New York.

Skelia is an international ICT & BPO services company headquartered in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with offices in Kiev and Lviv (Ukraine), Breda (Benelux), London and New York.   With leading customers in the media and publishing sector, travel industry and e-commerce business, software and telecom industry, Skelia helps customers achieve growth and efficiency by extending local teams and supporting processes to Eastern European countries.

US market

US market

“We are excited about this new opportunity to expand our business and better serve our customers in the United States,” says Patrik Vandewalle, Skelia’s CEO.  “Skelia’s New York office will focus primarily on sales, development and project management of ICT and BPO services  through our proven cross-border service model.”

Testing mobile apps

Skelia recently launched TestLab4apps, a highly specialized service on testing mobile applications.  “TestLab4apps is our flagship service for the US market as many companies experience a growing nightmare while testing mobile applications. The diversity of mobile devices, software platforms and releases, application features and networks to be considered for testing has grown exponentially” says Patrik Vandewalle, Skelia’s CEO.  “By proactively investing in a dedicated Skelia Lab, with experienced staff, tools, methods and continuous service innovation, Skelia’s ambition is to maintain international leadership in this specialized field of testing mobile applications.”

Testlab For Apps

Leading by Excellence

“Our strategy is not to be a price killer but to excel by service quality. We make a difference by our people excellence and team retention” says Olivier Istace, COO of Skelia. “For most of our international customers, we are an important business partner working on their strategic initiatives and core systems. Long-term knowledge acquisition, team stability and effective ownership are therefore key to success.”

Leading by Excellence

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About Skelia

Skelia, a Nortal company, is an international leader in building cross-border IT and engineering organizations and affiliate companies in Eastern-Europe. For over a decade, we have provided staff augmentation services to a diverse range of clients—from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. We operate in Luxembourg, the UK, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, and the US.