Skelia establishes Service Center in Ukraine

Skelia, an international services company headquartered in Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, offering IT and business capacity outsourcing to nearshore eastern countries, announces it has established Skelia Ukraine.

Rostyslav Shchepan appointed as managing director for Skelia Ukraine.

Skelia has appointed Rostyslav Shchepanas managing director for Skelia Ukraine. Rostyslav, aged 30, graduated in 2002 with a masters degree in International Law at the Lviv National University.

Lviv, Skelia’s first Service Center site in Ukraine

Skelia’s remote services are hosted in Service Centers, each one is carefully chosen based on 7 implantation criteria. Skelia has decided to set-up its first Ukrainian Service Center in Lviv, capital of Western-Ukraine. The city of Lviv has been chosen as the primary nearshore site for Skelia’s international business operations, due to its unique combination of low cost, together with an unprecedented combination of ethics,  time zone proximity, culture fit, language match, high education level within a stable trade & political climate.

The Service Center in Lviv is hosted in the Optima Plaza building at address Naukova street 7B. Optima Plaza is a modern business centre constructed according to world standards, a comfortable and healthy environment.


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