Skelia employees donate for children

Taking care of people and the community in which our company works is one of the fundamental values of any business. Therefore, we strive to support donation initiatives and help those in need. This time Skelia employees have joined “Lviv IT-community for children with cancer disease to St. Nicolas Day” – joint donation fundraising initiative of IT-companies in Lviv, Ukraine.

This donation project organized by charity fund “Kryla Nadiyi” (“Wings of Hope”) aims to provide urgently needed medical equipment for children with cancer disease. The idea is to raise funds in order to buy hematological analyzer for the local hospital to St. Nikolas day. Hematological analyzer – medical device that makes high-quality blood analysis which is very important and often needed for oncological patients. Medical devices in local hospitals are often out-of-date while the new hematological analyzer is available only in Kyiv, so all analyzes that require precise results should be transferred over there. At this moment 180 children are treated at the local hospital 50 of them have hematology disease and need oncological surgery, few of them are only 2.5 – 16 years old. It is an expensive treatment for oncological patients.

Skelia employees made their contributions by donating into the charity boxes placed in Lviv and Kyiv Service Centers or make money transfers to the account of charity fund “Kryla Nadiyi” (“Wings of Hope”).

In order to support and encourage everybody to join the initiative, two of our colleagues decided to organize a fundraising tea-party with delicious home-made chocolate muffins, ginger biscuits and many other sweets with a symbolic price. All the collected money from this initiative was donated to the charity box.

We hope – our contribution would help save children’s lives!


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