Using the Power of Real-Time Distributed Search with ElasticSearch. Part 1

The Internet is a place where everyone in the world can find any information they want. But with billions of documents available in the web, how is it possible to find exactly what we want in seconds or less?

For this purpose special programs called ‘search engines’ are developed by using many algorithms for analyzing, stemming, building indexes and searching querying terms. In Java world, there is one of the most popular open source libraries called Lucene from Apache. It is a high performance, reliable and widely used full-featured Information Retrieval library written in Java. On top of it are built a few servers such as Solr, ElasticSearch and others.

Nowadays most companies are trying to move all computation into the cloud and Search is not an exception. In this article, I would like to consider ElasticSearch, which, besides many other features, is initially designed to work in clouds and is quite successful in accomplishing that mission.

Developing high-loaded systems you encounter a problem of performing fast, up-to-date and comfortable search. ElastiсSearch perfectly complies with all those requirements and even more.

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Why UX Matters

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