Skelia records 49% growth in 2012

Skelia, a leading provider of ICT & BPO services in Benelux operating out of Ukraine, reported its 2012 results. The company notes a record year-on-year revenue growth of 49% which it says was fueled by continuing demand in Western-Europe for high-quality ICT people and improved process efficiencies. Patrik Vandewalle, CEO of Skelia adds “Despite the global economic down-turn we are pleased to confirm a CAGR of 50 %, every year since we created the company. We have always re-invested our profits into sustainable growth and service innovation. Like more recently, we opened sales offices in London and The Netherlands to help us better serve more international ...

Skelia expands European presence with opening of London Office

Skelia is pleased to announce the opening of a new London office. "We are excited about this new opportunity to expand our business and better serve our customers in the United Kingdom,” says Patrik Vandewalle, Skelia’s CEO. “We make a difference by our people excellence, unprecedented cultural matching and team retention." ...

Skelia employees donate for children

Taking care of people and the community in which our company works is one of the fundamental values of any business. Therefore, we strive to support donation initiatives and help those in need. This time Skelia employees have joined “Lviv IT-community for children with cancer disease to St. Nicolas Day” – joint donation fundraising initiative of IT-companies in Lviv, U ...

Skelia subscribes to Pluralsight online training courses

One of Skelia’s priorities is building solid teams of IT-professionals.  We always support professional self-development of our employees.  Therefore, we’ve subscribed for closed online training courses on "Pluralsight" website. At the moment the platform is considered as one of the most updated and structured online video courses for  Microsoft .NET techn ...

Skelia hosting .Net User Group in Lviv

Skelia supports meetings and activities of various professional IT-communities in Ukraine. On September 27, Skelia hosted the .NET User Group community meeting. We gathered in our Lviv offices all fans and masters of Microsoft .NET technology for interactive debates and knowledge sharing. More than 30 specialists from different IT-companies came to listen and discuss inter ...

Skelia Family Day

Skelia respects people working in the company. All employees participate in the special Benefits Program. In addition, several times a year we gather as one team during an informal event to thank our employees and their families for commitment and hard work. With our employees’ families, we celebrate specific Ukrainian national holidays, next to original company ...

Skelia Company Day 2012

The Company Day is one of Skelia’s traditional parties. All employees from our Service Centers in Lviv and Kyiv were invited to this exciting event in a picturesque camping site outside of Lviv. During the day a very active entertainment program was organized, sports competitions and team building activities, including water volleyball, mini-football, k ...

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