Skelia is #1 in the List of Top Ukrainian IT Companies Evaluated by Clutch

We’ve got great news! In the report highlighting the best IT companies in Ukraine, a B2B Research Firm, Clutch ranked Skelia #1 on the list of the top B2B companies. They evaluated hundreds of companies to identify the best ones in the field of IT. Clutch is known as a reliable platform that helps businesses find the most suitable developers, establish their trustworthiness and show a proven record of completed projects. Client reviews on Clutch are a valuable source of informat ...


The summer is over and the insane, insufferable heat will finally end. Football is back, woo. And there’s so much you can do in terms of your inner development. September is a good month to start a new hobby, subscribe to a new course, and, of course, find a new job. At Skelia, we’ve got some amazing job offerings. Maybe you are the missing piece of the puzzle? OPE ...

Skelia is among the best eCommerce development companies of 2020

eCommerce solutions are a major field of Skelia’s expertise. We’ve built interactive applications that boost purchases and bring various businesses to a new level of customer experience. Working with different industries for over 12 years, we’ve col ...

#Skelia_looks with Kateryna, office and event manager from Skelia Kyiv

There’s a saying that it’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. Indeed, sometimes images can tell much more about a person than words can. So we’ve been wondering how to grasp someone’s personality without interviewing them in our traditional #Skelia_talks manner — that’s how the idea of visual interviews #Skelia_looks came about.  ...

How To Set Up An Affiliate Company In Ukraine

As a growing business, establishing an affiliate company is naturally a part of your expansion strategy. If you are considering Ukraine, you are not alone. Even big players like Adobe, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, AOL, and Dell outsource software development to Ukraine. In fact, more than 100 organizations from the Fortune 500 list are clients of Ukrainian software vendors! But ...

How to keep remote development teams secure

More and more tech businesses are now working with remote development teams out of necessity. The benefits of this arrangement are also becoming more pronounced but they come at a cost—security. Security concerns haunt companies new to this concept and even veterans too. Involving remote developers in your projects doesn't necessarily have to jeop ...

#Skelia_Talks with Krystian, Scada/WinCC Engineer at Skelia Poland

We all sometimes wonder how to overcome the routine and battle our digital fatigue, and hiking might do the trick perfectly well. Krystian has been into hiking trips from childhood and has seen the beauty of the mountains at both sunrise and sunset, in the scorching heat and the cold. He’ll never miss an opportunity to go on a short mountain trip and surely knows how to hike your ...

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