Why Choose Staff Augmentation in Ukraine? Top Reasons Explained

There are a lot of ways to develop your project  - from 100% outsourcing to doing everything in-house. However, there is an even more flexible approach that allows you to competently manage your team, solve urgent tasks by attracting specific specialists while avoiding extra spendings, and focus on core business operations. Staff augmentation. In this article, we are going to tell you what staff augmentati ...

Skelia Ukraine Job Digest: November 2020

Skelia is always looking for new tech talents to join one of the teams and work on one-of-a-kind projects. This month, we have a lot of openings at Kyiv and Lviv offices — it may be a chance for you to find a perfect fit! At Skelia, we’re dedicated to maintaining a healthy work envi ...

7 Java Developer Skills That Are In High Demand: Become Candidate #1

In 2020, Java celebrated its 15th anniversary. Despite its age and legacy, Java isn't going to go away soon. Statista reveals that as many as 40% of developers all over the world code in Java. With this figure, Java lands in the fifth place in the worldwide rating of programming languages. Therefore, developers pursuing a career of a Java developer, need to gain a competiti ...

#Skelia_Talks With Piotr, Frontend Developer at Skelia Krakow

There's hardly any person left who hasn't tried yoga. But when it comes to combined practices like acroyoga, it's an undiscovered activity for most people. Acroyoga, done in pairs or groups, combines yoga and acrobatics. It seems like a perfect activity to master self-control and learn more about how your body can move through space. Skelia's frontend developer Piotr explains what is so e ...

#Skelia_looks with Oleh, ASP.NET Developer at Skelia Lviv

Welcome back to our #Skelia_looks series! Today we’ll be doing our visual interview with Oleh, an ASP.NET developer at Skelia Lviv.  Oleh’s life is simply fascinating. He travels a lot and has a ...

10 Best Mobile Commerce Apps: Best Cases

Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, apps are on the rise. In March 2020, 52% of the internet traffic was from mobile devices. What does this mean for online retailers? It means they need to adapt and accept the trend to stay competitive. In our new post, the Skelia Mobile Lab team gathered examples of the most prominent mobile commerce apps. These apps help their brands raise ...


At Skelia, our team doesn’t shy away from big ideas, no, instead, we bring them to life. We work tirelessly to deliver the best user experiences and build amazing self-serve experiences that our customers want to use. Skelia uses cutting-edge tools and technologies to solve critical and complex problems with award-winning solutions. Join Skelia to start making an impac ...

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