Offshore Dedicated Team: How to Scale Your IT Capacity

Software development is a fairly complicated process that requires not only skills, but also dedication. When developing a project, it's essential to have the right people on your side. Issues in attracting the necessary IT talent have led organizations to outsource their products using specific methods, in which hiring tech talents offshore seems to be an excellent solution. Liubov Rudnieva, Head of Business Unit What Is an Offshore Dedicated Team? Why Should Businesses Hire An Offshore Dedicated Team? Benefits of Hiring Offshore Dedicated Team How To Choose The Best Offshore Dedicated Development Team S ...

Skelia Job Digest: April 2021

Skelia is searching for new people who are ready to share their expertise, learn and grow with our expert teams! There are lots of opportunities for engineers skilled in mobile development, front-end, cloud services, and other technologies. In most of the positions, you can work from Kyiv or Lviv office or remotely. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to bring your career to ...

Flutter 2 is Now Available with its Desktop Update

For a long time, creating mobile applications quickly and cost-efficiently for major mobile platforms was a problem. Initially, most companies would have separate teams for each platform and develop their apps individually. However, this was very costly for most; apps would have different feature sets, different issues, and all because the code for each was not bei ...

Skelia’s Corporate Social Responsibility Overview

Acting responsibly and maintaining ethical conduct has always been part of who we are at Skelia. We take a people-first approach to create sustainable and eco-friendly business processes and solutions — cor ...

Skelia’s Secrets to Fulfilling Working Life

Workplace culture and environment in a company are undoubtedly a foundation for business success and high employee engagement. 46% of job seekers and 88% of employees listed company culture as one of the key factors they pay attention to. This issue has become even more apparent with the pandemic making shifts to business operations and workplace strategies. ...

Dedicated Teams Model: Pros and Cons

In 2020, companies from all industries felt the enormous impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. For business owners and for the entire IT industry, 2021 will bring a distinct way to increase business value through innovative technologies and data approaches. Based on information from Gartner, to cope with the growing demand for innovation ...

Skelia Job Digest: March 2021

Today, almost all companies striving to achieve their desired success need to release high-quality software as quickly as possible. But can manual software testing be useful here? Unfortunately not. Test automation is something that can help organizations accelerate product release cycles in addition to improving software quality. Jobs for Front-End Developers We ...
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