.NET and Yield Management Professionals

The Skelia team is highly experienced in Yield Management and developed several leading applications in .NET technology stack to help maximize business revenue. Yield management is a variable pricing strategy, based on understanding, anticipating and influencing consumer behavior in order to maximize revenue or profits from a fixed, time-limited resource (such as airline seats or hotel room reservations or advertising inventory).

Working as a fully dedicated team, the .NET squad has delivered a project which automates the flight repricing process and improves price management flow for one of the largest international travel companies.

Tools and Core technologies

yield managment
octopus deploy logo
Google charts
SQL Server


The team works remotely as a dedicated team, using Azure DevOps (visual studio team services)
to manage project’s and sprint’s backlogs.
Practices two-week sprints with regression testing and release at the end of each sprint.




TechLead, Senior .NET Developer, Scrum master| 14 years of experience

Yurii has been working in software development since 2005; he is highly experienced in .NET technology (C#, ASP.net, ASP.net MVC, VB.net). Yurii has worked on projects in various business areas such as tourism, banking, insurance, accounting, and sport. As Technical Lead, he has planned, coordinated, and supervised all activities related to the design, development, and implementation of software applications for teams of 4-8 developers. He has been responsible for maintaining, supporting existing systems and applications.

Core technologies: ASP.NET MVC, ReactJS, AngularJS, MS SQL Server



Senior Automation QA Engineer| 9 years of experience

Vasyl worked for a number of Senior QA manual and automation projects for US and European customers. He has wide experience in test case design, creation and execution, defect reporting and tracking, creating test plans and automated test scripts for various QA tools. From 2013 to 2017 he was working as an ASP Software Engineer with such main responsibilities as feature development, bug fixing and customer communication. He is result oriented team player with good communication skills, comfortable with working within Scrum environment. 

Core technologies: C#, Selenium WebDriver, NUnit


Taras P.

Senior .NET Developer | 13 years of experience

Taras has vast experience in .NET technology (.NET Framework 1.1, 2.0, 3.5, 4.0). In the majority of cases, he has developed enterprise web applications using ASP.NET, AJAX, JavaScript/JQuery/AngularJS, MVC. He has gained unique experience in creating software requirements specification, system design, and architecture, applying design patterns, working with Transact-SQL for MS SQL Server. He has gained experience in C/C++ programming language and has been working on the design and implementation of rich Windows desktop applications using all related technologies.

Core technologies: Asp.Net MVC, Asp.Net WebApi, AngularJs, MS SQL Server, С++


Taras I.

Senior .NET Developer| 9 years of experience

Taras is an experienced Full Stack Developer with proven expertise in the development of client/server, web-based, and desktop projects for Microsoft .NET framework platform. These projects relate to the development and maintenance of web sites and web applications for Windows. His area of professional interests includes software development using ASP.NET Core/MVC, Angular, React technologies. He is fast learning, purposeful, friendly, and responsible.

Core Technologies: C#, JS, TS, ASP.NET, HTML/CSS, SQL, AngularJS/ 2+ 

Skelia Expertise

Software development: frontend / backend / mobile apps / APIs

CRM/ERP implementations

QA & testing

Product R&D

24/7 Operations

Electrical engineering

PLC/SCADA development

International software deployments

Customer testimonials


Energage and Skelia worked together and built a functional automation framework and many automated tests. They were extremely flexible regarding our engagement terms, desired framework, and choosing the engineers we used. They also supplied manual testing help that quickly learned our systems and adapted to rapidly changing requirements and testing environment challenges.

— Robert A Cahill | QA Lead at Energage

I appreciate the collaboration with Skelia very much because of their pragmatic approach and also their open and direct communication channels. Because of their professionalism and flexibility, Skelia is an excellent partner to help you to extend your team.

— Dominique Pierard | Operations Manager Nearshore at Realdolmen, a member of the European Gfi Group

The technical level is remarkably high. The work ethic is very close to the work ethics we have. We have all systems in place, good communication, good workflow here.

— Guillaume Hallaert | Hardware Team Leader at Agidens

From a business standpoint, the strongest element of Skelia is its customer-oriented approach. The company was helping us achieve our project goals, discussing our needs, and providing us with the necessary ideas.

— Sven Coppens | Development Manager at Aprimo

The collaboration was so interesting and beneficial that we have decided to reorganize the company in such a way that we could outsource all future development activities to Skelia.

— Steven Hackars | Founder and Product Director at c-Quilibrium

We are happy to collaborate with Skelia as a one-stop supplier that maintains for us stand-alone featured teams with the same mindset in the same building.

— Kristof Caekebeke | Head of Development Omni-Channel at Thomas Cook


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