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Construct monumental mobile solutions, from brainstorming to post-delivery support with the dedicated mobile team. We serve you with an experienced, scalable, and well-balanced talent pool to support your tech-based growth goals, for long-term and short-term projects. Leave all the nitty-gritty recruiting and retention to us: Skelia will source and work the best mobile team to guarantee your mobile project will shine.

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Embrace Our Mobile Expertise

For more than 10 years our Mobile Center of Excellence has brought together the top talent for clients, covering the full-cycle of mobile development, working with a wide range of cutting-edge Mobile technologies. We meticulously analyze your requirements, and then suggest the best configuration for your remote mobile team at every stage of the development process, from start to finish, alpha to omega, and perhaps even beyond.

Choose Any Mobile Stack

  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Cross Platform App Development
  • IoT App Development
  • Wearable App Development
  • Flutter App Development
  • React Native App Development

Get the Best Mobile Experts

  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • DevOps Specialist
  • UI/UX Designer
  • QA Specialist
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Architect


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Why use the Skelia Mobile Lab

Top-Quality Expertise

Our team includes the leading and carefully selected mobile experts in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE). They have extensive experience helping global brands design and build high-end native and cross-platform custom applications for iOS and Android, at various levels of complexity.

Fast Ramp-Up

Whether it’s an small app for a children’s puppet show, or an enterprise-class solution, at Skelia we have streamlined client-facing operational processes. We always have skilled and experienced developers on-tap, ready to bang out your project as soon as you give the go ahead. No prolonged negotiations, no time wasted finding specialists.

Flexible Cooperation

Our team quickly responds to new changes and requirements. Want to expand your dedicated Mobile team? We always have developers in our ready reserve to jump on your team. You can also choose to reduce your team, or only use our services when needed. We’re cool like that. We aim to support clients every which way we can.

Total Transparency

At Skelia, we demonstrate the highest standards of transparency and integrity during every client engagement. That means there are no hidden costs, unrealistic estimates, or weird phone calls in the middle of the night saying we miss you. Our pricing model is open, giving you the ability to choose what’s best for your business.

Operational Resilience & Agility

We are proven advisers in building scalable mobile app ecosystems. We make sure you can quickly and easily adapt apps to a changing market so that you can grow your business. We also offer seamless cloud solutions to optimize your app’s performance and costs.

Award-Winning Apps

Skelia has completed dozens of projects just like yours and collected countless epic level reviews from supremely satisfied clients over the past ten years. Most of the apps we created earned themselves a place on numerous top 10 lists on app stores, and earned multiple awards, including a Stevie Award, Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50, and much more.

Our Service Models

Urgent Mobile Help

We are good-to-go to be your lifesavers in a jiffy! Need to pull your mobile app out of the fire? We’re on it! Have a problem you can’t solve and need urgent support muy pronto? Contact us! Need your mobile product fixed on a tight timescale? Our talented tech team is here to assist! We’re your huckleberry!

Short-term Mobile Project

Do you need a mobile team for a month or less? We’ll hop right in there! And no missed deadlines with Skelia, guaranteed. Our mobile teams have exceptional management skills to gather the best resources and coordinate the project to deliver the best results on time, every time.

Structural Mobile Teams

Our clients trust us because we focus on building stable mobile teams that work exclusively for you. Providing first-rate mobile teams, we will take your project through the complete development lifecycle. Skelia takes care of the administrative and HR questions, so you can focus on your core business. Putting resources where they are needed most.

Our Clients Testimonials

App Dev for Large Travel Firm

  • Sweden
    Hospitality & Leisure
Project summary: Skelia was responsible for developing a travel-companion app for a major vacation company. A team of 20 developers worked to deliver platforms that're integrated with the client's larger service offering. Feedback summary: Skelia delivered iOS and Android apps that have received stellar ratings in both app stores. The app's retention rate was also high, where users were more likely to book trips with the client after its usage. The Skelia team maintained great communication and was flexible about stretching resources.
Christoph Bogaerts

Technical Development Manager

Travel & Vacation Firm

We had a great communication with Skelia HR department so the Skelia team was self-driven

Augmented Web & Mobile Dev for Robot Manufacturer

  • Belgium
    Hospitality & Leisure
Project summary: Skelia used JavaScript and .NET to develop an ecommerce site that’s integrated with Sitecore and multiple 3rd party companies. They also set up servers for data handling, and continue to provide ongoing development. Feedback summary: Their consistent delivery has aided in the company’s success. An honest, inquisitive demeanor continues to strengthen the collaboration with the internal team in order to find efficient solutions.

Operations Manager

Robot Manufacturer

The speed of finding the right person for us and the structured workflow were pluses.

App Dev & Testing for FinTech Start-up Company

  • Ireland Flag
  • Informational Technologies
    Informational Technologies
Project summary: Skelia took over from an in-house team and performed regression and UI testing for two cross-platform financial education apps in between regularly-scheduled updates. Feedback summary: They were thorough, clear, and highly responsive throughout the partnership. The number of bugs reported by customers after release dropped dramatically once they took over testing the apps.
John Tyrrell

John Tyrrell



They're very professional, clear, and responded quickly whenever they encountered bugs or anomalies


At Skelia, we gather top-notch experts who are driven by the same fantastic goal: supporting the growth and profitability of your business. And we never stop learning new cutting-edge mobile technologies, experimenting, searching for new ways to solve the most challenging technical tasks, and finding solutions to bring more value to our clients.

Boost Customer Purchases

Mobile Shopping Aggregators

Develop digital marketplace platforms that aggregate available data for each specific product, providing recommendations to the users based on their profiles. We can streamline the sales process and provide a complete overview of all of the products the market offers.

Mobile Booking

Create an integrated booking ecosystem that will enable simultaneous exchange and visualization of booking information from various sources: web, offline shops, and franchises through a simple and easy-to-use Mobile Booking Hub.

Yielding and Repricing

Create reliable, mobile-friendly solutions for yielding and automated repricing. We can also provide tools for the analysis of sales and business performance data, even across multiple time zones using visualized charts.

ENHANCE Customer Experience

Location-Based Services

Leverage our location-based services to keep up with your local customers and quickly notify them if there are discounts, giveaways, sales, or a new branch opening.

On-Demand Solutions

Develop apps for real-time delivery of goods and services. Ordering food, finding a taxi, or booking accommodation in another country isn’t challenging at all for us. We’ve got you covered.

Wow-worthy Innovative Apps

We stretch ourselves to create the apps that users love. We start by choosing the perfect development architecture, then create an engaging and interactive user experience (UX/UI). Our clients’ apps become #1 in the target category, and earn multiple awards and recognition for design and usability.

INCREASE Customer Interaction

AI & Chatbots

Build smart and responsive AI-based chatbots for your online store, allowing customers to shop for your products conveniently and directly, 24/7. Alternatively, you can go niche by simply creating specific chatbots for sales-related processes, such as booking and reservations.

Corporate Mobile Solutions

Develop secure, reliable, and GDPR-compliant apps! Access all the customer information you need everyday right from your smartphone. This includes: bookings, upselling, payments, proposals, customer feedback and interaction, business contacts, and more!

Mobile IoT Solutions

IoT installed robots are gaining oodles of market share in the e-commerce industry. Put your own data to work with Skelia’s mobile IoT and connective solutions. Drive efficiencies, engage customers, and connect with them worldwide.

Awards & Recognition

Badge Top Flutter App Development Companies 2021
Yurii Tsap

Our Mobile Lab leverages Skelia’s unique experience to tailor the best solutions for our clients—setting them up for a successful mobile strategy, that creates real value for the end-users. Over the past few years, Skelia has helped both large enterprises and leading startups create award-winning mobile apps. At present, these all add up to millions of downloads all around the world.

Yurii Tsap,
Head of Mobile Lab

How We Work

  • We listen

    Our team starts the process with your expectations and organizational needs, including job descriptions, team size, and the desired workflow.

  • We onboard

    The talent onboarding process consists of several stages: pre-screening, interviews, and a technical assessment. Skelia’s Mobile and HR experts assess candidates’ experience, English proficiency, and other skills to meet your requirements.

  • We integrate

    Once a team starts work, they report directly to you, alongside your internal teams, that is. This is the time when Skelia and its client partners also handle HR and administration to ensure the developers and engineers have everything they need to complete a project within your target timescale.

  • We manage

    We can also appoint an experienced Delivery Manager who can take care of the success of your project from the very beginning. A Delivery Manager will work closely with you so that we can define and implement your expectations and KPIs at the team level.

  • We develop competency

    We want to make collaboration easy. That is why we have built a robust Mobile Center of Excellence inside Skelia, which allows us to continuously improve the skills of our specialists, the quality of the customer experience, and communication skills.

  • We build your own company

    What if you want to recruit your international tech team as a subsidiary and have complete control over the competence and knowledge of your tech specialists? You can, with our Skelia’s Build Operate Transfer Service.

Get in touch with us right now, and let’s make your business prosperous together!

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