We build best-in-class mobile commerce solutions, from brainstorming to post-delivery support. Our full cycle mobile development services span all major platforms and turn exciting ideas into state‑of‑the‑art e‑commerce and m‑commerce applications.

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A perfect mobile app should unveil an organization’s business goals while allowing for seamless interaction with its customers. Skelia’s mobile app development team is ready to guide you through the development requirements for your project, from start to finish and even beyond. Build your next generation m-commerce solution with Skelia now!
  • Mobile Solution Crafting
  • Mobile App Development
  • Mobile Commerce Backend development
  • Mobile App testing
  • UI & UX Design
  • R&D
  • Business Analysis
  • Data Science and AI
  • Release Management
  • Support

Awards & Recognition

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Hospitality & Travel Companies

Create a mobile platform that increases revenues, boosts upsale opportunities, secures customer loyalty, and increases excitement in a natural and personalised way.

Entertainment & Media Businesses

Utilize mobile interaction in order to monetize your content, drive reader engagement, sell tickets to your events, and create a personalized entertainment experience for your users.

Any Service Company Transitioning to Mobile

Whether this is your first app or dozenth app with millions of downloads, we are here to help you.

Our Clients Testimonials

App Dev for Large Travel Firm

  • Sweden
  • https://skelia.com/
    Hospitality & Leisure
Project summary: Skelia was responsible for developing a travel-companion app for a major vacation company. A team of 20 developers worked to deliver platforms that're integrated with the client's larger service offering. Feedback summary: Skelia delivered iOS and Android apps that have received stellar ratings in both app stores. The app's retention rate was also high, where users were more likely to book trips with the client after its usage. The Skelia team maintained great communication and was flexible about stretching resources.
Christoph Bogaerts

Technical Development Manager

Travel & Vacation Firm

We had a great communication with Skelia HR department so the Skelia team was self-driven

Augmented Web & Mobile Dev for Robot Manufacturer

  • Belgium
  • https://skelia.com/
    Hospitality & Leisure
Project summary: Skelia used JavaScript and .NET to develop an ecommerce site that’s integrated with Sitecore and multiple 3rd party companies. They also set up servers for data handling, and continue to provide ongoing development. Feedback summary: Their consistent delivery has aided in the company’s success. An honest, inquisitive demeanor continues to strengthen the collaboration with the internal team in order to find efficient solutions.

Operations Manager

Robot Manufacturer

The speed of finding the right person for us and the structured workflow were pluses.

App Dev & Testing for FinTech Start-up Company

  • Ireland Flag
  • Informational Technologies
    Informational Technologies
Project summary: Skelia took over from an in-house team and performed regression and UI testing for two cross-platform financial education apps in between regularly-scheduled updates. Feedback summary: They were thorough, clear, and highly responsive throughout the partnership. The number of bugs reported by customers after release dropped dramatically once they took over testing the apps.
John Tyrrell

John Tyrrell



They're very professional, clear, and responded quickly whenever they encountered bugs or anomalies


We build compelling mobile apps that blend optimum user experience with concrete business goals. To achieve this, we pay careful attention to the presentation of content, compatability, simplicity, interactivity, navigation, and the user interface.

Boost Customer Purchases

Mobile Shopping Aggregators

Develop digital marketplace platforms that aggregate available data for each specific product, providing recommendations to the users based on their profiles. We can streamline the sales process and provide a complete overview of all of the products the market offers.

Mobile Booking

Create an integrated booking ecosystem that will enable simultaneous exchange and visualization of booking information from various sources: web, offline shops, and franchises through a simple and easy-to-use Mobile Booking Hub.

Yielding and Repricing

Create reliable, mobile-friendly solutions for yielding and automated repricing. We can also provide tools for analyses of sales and business performance data even for different times via visualized charts.

ENHANCE Customer Experience

Location-Based Services

Leverage our location-based services to keep up with your local customers and quickly notify them if there are discounts, giveaways, sales, or a new branch opening.

On-Demand Solutions

Develop apps for real-time delivery of goods and services. Ordering food, finding a taxi, or booking accommodation in a land far, far away is no feat too great for us. We’ve got you covered.

Mobile IoT Solutions

IoT installed robots are gaining lots of market share in the e-commerce industry. Put your own data to work with Skelia’s mobile IoT and connective solutions. Drive efficiencies, engage customers, and connect to the greater world.

INCREASE Customer Interaction

AI & Chatbots

Build smart and responsive chatbots for your online store, allowing customers to shop for your products conveniently and directly, 24×7. Alternatively, you can go niche simply create specific chatbots for sales-related processes like booking and reservations.

Corporate Mobile Solutions

Develop secure, reliable, and GDPR-compliant apps! Access all the information you need in the normal course of a day right from your smartphone. This includes: bookings, upselling, payments, proposals, customer feedback and interaction, business contacts, and more!

Yurii Tsap

Our Mobile Lab leverages Skelia’s unique m-commerce experience to tailor the best solutions for our clients—setting them up for a successful mobile strategy, that creates real value for the end-users. Over the past few years, Skelia has helped both large enterprises and leading startups create award-winning mobile apps. At present, these all add up to millions of downloads all around the world.

Yurii Tsap,
Head of Mobile Lab


  • Understand

    • We capture your ideas and analyze your requirements
    • We choose the appropriate engagement model (mostly, Project-Based or Time & Material Blended Rate)
    • We provide an R&D discovery phase, then transition into a trial phase to set the foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship
  • Validate

    • We begin by rapidly prototyping a solution that we can test
    • We recommended the most suitable technology stacks
    • We design the interface and start building the solution
  • Develop

    • We choose the methodology according to your requirements.
    • We conduct Quality Assurance and Testing, including User Acceptance
    • Finally, we deploy your mobile app
  • Ongoing support

    • We conduct continuous server monitoring
    • We designate team members to fix any issues
    • We provide client support

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