Skelia HQ

Skelia sarl
20 rue de l’industrie
L-8399 Windhof
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
RC: B 133392
VAT : LU22301469


Phone: +352 20 20 21 40
Fax: +352 20 20 22 15
Email: info (at)

    Skelia USA – East Coast

    Skelia Inc
    485 Madison Avenue
    Suite 1600
    New York NY 10022

    New York

    Phone: +1-212-7960791
    Fax: +1-212-7960792
    Email: info (at)

      Skelia USA – West Coast

      Skelia Inc
      3505 El Camino Real
      Palo Alto, CA 94306

      Palo Alto

      Phone: +1-415-4292084
      Fax: +1-415-7385331
      Email: info (at)

        Skelia Ukraine

        Service center
        Skelia Ukraine Ltd
        Yaroslaviv Val st. 23a
        01034 Kyiv


        Phone: +380 443 934 374
        Email: info (at)

          Skelia Ukraine

          Service center
          Skelia Ukraine Ltd
          Naukova st. 7b
          BC «Optima Plaza»
          79060 Lviv


          Phone: +380 322 958 584
          Fax: +380 322 244 851
          Email: info (at)

            Skelia Poland

            Service center
            Skelia Poland Ltd
            B4B – Bonarka for Business, Building F
            ul. Puszkarska 7K
            30-644 Kraków


            Phone: +48 123 766 542
            Fax: +48 12 631 1868
            Email: info (at)

              Skelia UK

              Sales office
              4 Old Park Lane
              W1K 1QW
              Great Britain


              Phone: +44-203-6085799
              Fax: +44-203-6085798
              Email: info (at)

                Skelia Netherlands

                Sales office
                3rd Floor, Claudius
                Prinsenlaan 128-138
                4818 CP Breda
                The Netherlands


                Phone: +31 30 8903264
                Email: info (at)

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