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Skelia is an international leader in building stable cross-border organizations and affiliate companies in Eastern-Europe.

For over a decade we have provided staff augmentation services for IT and engineering professionals to a diverse range of clients – from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Skelia operates through a global network of offices in Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, and the United States.

Leading Services

We build your cross-border teams

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We test
your apps

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Skelia Facts


cross-border teams built


countries served


customers served


7-10% employee turnover


clients work with us more than 2+ years


employees with 3 or more years of
professional experience


We extend enterprises with the best talent


Leadership through excellence

Founders & Board Directors

Patrik Vandewalle – Co-founder & CEO

Jan Vorstermans – Director

Olivier Istace – Co-founder & COO

Jan Picavet – Director

Koen Anseeuw – Co-founder (†2014)

Jan De Schepper – Director

Founders & Board Directors

Patrik Vandewalle
Co-founder & CEO

Jan Vorstermans

Jan De Schepper

Olivier Istace
Co-founder & COO

Jan Picavet

Koen Anseeuw
Co-founder (†2014)


  • Skelia founded in Luxembourg, Europe
  • Skelia Ukraine founded
  • Opening 1st Skelia Service Center in Lviv, Ukraine
  • Opening 2nd Skelia Service Center in Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Skelia, Inc. founded in USA
  • Opening the Skelia office in NYC, USA
  • Skelia Poland founded
  • Opening 3rd Skelia Service Center in Krakow, Poland
  • Opening the Skelia office in Palo Alto, USA
  • The Skelia family reaches 200 employees
  • Skelia serves 50 customers
    in 12 countries
  • Skelia reaches 250 employees
  • Skelia establishes presence in Nordics
  • ISO 27001:2013 certified

Company Values

We do what we say

We are ethical

We enjoy excellence

We are respectful

We inspire customers

We pursue solutions


Our own experiences with offshore service companies were not always positive because of complexity. Working with people from very different cultures, such as India and China, in a different time zone with other legal systems, indistinct ethical framework, and a big staff turnover make many customers come back on their decisions. Very often, there was a lack of the “yes is yes, no is no” principle. Therefore, we looked for a simple model with a very low participation barrier, high comfort, and flexibility.

— Patrik Vandewalle CEO Skelia, 2008

Cross-border Teams Expertise

Software development: frontend / backend / mobile apps / APIs

CRM/ERP implementations

QA & testing

Product R&D

24/7 Operations

Electrical engineering

PLC/SCADA development

International software deployments


Best profile match

You decide — carefully select the best people to match your IT & engineering needs, language requirements and company culture.

Stay in control

We build bridges not walls— our engineers work as part of your cross-border organization while we take care of all supporting services.

Working your way

We follow your preferences – from tools, policies, processes, methodologies, up to company culture and style.

Open Book Pricing Model

We create trustful relations—an open-book transparent costing and pricing model as cornerstone for a successful partnership.

No lock-in

No volume requirements, no exit fees—start small, experience working together and scale-up/down your cross-border team as you go.  

Create your affiliate company

We build your nearshore company – optionally spin-off your team as a full-owned affiliate company and run your own nearshore service center.

Our customers