Skelia Alumni Party

Skelia has always been a people-centric organization, one that significantly values the happiness of its employees as much as the bottom line. This not only applies to the current employees but former employees as well.

On the 5th of September, we held our very first Alumni Party. The goal of the event was to celebrate the vibrant and friendly community of both our ex-employees and the current team. Words aren’t enough to express how incredible this reunion was. Smiles, hugs, and lots of positive emotions were the order of the whole event—not forgetting the classic Belgian beverages! It’s amazing how the chemistry is still the same between all our employees and how easy they can connect even with the new team.

It is for this reason that we have already begun to plan for the second Alumni party. This time it’s going to be hosted in the capital, Kyiv. Below are a few comments from our ex-colleagues regarding the Alumni event and their overall experience at Skelia.

Marta Kos, Release Manager

“Being part of Skelia means being part of a small family where it’s a cozy, friendly, and feels like home. As a release manager, I had to continually rush somewhere, learning something new every day, balancing multiple releases at a time, and try not to burn between hotfixes. Fortunately, at Skelia I had people who will always support me. They were always ready to back up and do whatever they can and a little more for me. Working at Skelia, you never work with the fear that you will forget something or that something will go wrong if you go for a vacation.

Speaking of Thomas Cook, it’s not just about releases.  I also had an incredible experience, cooperating with many teams at the same time, and constantly multitasking.  The managers were very considerate and listened to my opinions. I was given the opportunity to develop, and we never had quarrels. In fact, release management for me was just a case of totally enjoying my work. Regardless of how difficult the day could be, and sometimes the night, we always had the motivation to go back and continue the management release the next day. 

I am proud of all the teams with whom we invested a lot in terms of management release—it was worth it. Today I can see the results. All these experiences motivated me to keep getting better, to try new methods and approaches in work, and to change from “I can’t” to “I can.” Thanks to these people, I know what I know, I can do what I can, and I have the inspiration to develop further.”

Taras Klym, Team Lead

“Of course, this is not my first Alumni party; now it is a trend. But this one was very special because people who still work in Skelia were also invited, not only ex-employees. This greatly improved the atmosphere—they are extremely good and friendly. We had a great team, and I still maintain friendly relations with both the team and the customer. I would say we became more than just employees. I was extremely fond of a working approach to management that is not engaged in micromanagement and does not interfere with the work of the team if it works well. And not forgetting the work schedule, it is an incredible feeling when you go home at exactly 18:00.”

Irene Sheshurak, Designer

“Skelia was my first serious “office” job. I was incredibly pleased to have this opportunity. I remember how interesting it was to watch the life of the company and slowly settle down in a new place. I was very fortunate with the company and the people. At Skelia, I learned all of the organization’s work issues: how to book meetings, report time, create tickets. This company, with its beautiful people, gave me comfort, knowledge, and the desire to move forward.”

Mariya Dziubii, Event Manager

“For me, Skelia is about people. When such cool people work with you—you can’t help but have long-lasting memories about them. As an event manager, I was able to implement my ideas and eventually realized what I liked to do the most! I was passionate about creating themes and decorations—there was a special place in my heart for balloons; for me, they evoke many positive emotions. And for this reason, I made it a point that every celebration at Skelia had balloons. I left the company, but I didn’t leave the balloons. Now I am developing my own Oballoon studio project and designing balloon decorations for events! Thank you Skelia for letting me be involved with Skelia events and freely express my talent.” 

Wrap Up

Gone are the days when former employees were referred to only in the past tense. At Skelia, we are colleagues for life!


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