Skelia Alumni Party

Skelia has always been a people-centric organization, one that significantly values the happiness of its employees as much as the bottom line. This not only applies to the current employees but former employees as well. On the 5th of September, we held our very first Alumni Party. Th ...

Alumni Party is Coming to Skelia

Skelia’s alumni party is coming soon. Being a people-first company, Skelia can boost a vast and friendly community of our fellow ex-employees, our alumni. If you’re one of them, don’t miss the chance to register for the event! ...

Skelia Celebrates 10 Years of Distinguished Reputation and Technological Exce...

June 12, 2019 – Lviv, Ukraine – Skelia, a trusted global provider of software development, quality assurance and outsourcing services, celebrates its 10th anniversary. We are pleased to share our joy and gratitude to our respected customers and talented team members. Throughout this journey, the company has been growing in qualification and size, o ...

Skelia Ukraine Welcomed the New Year 2019

2018 was full of achievements, discoveries and improvements. And as its countdown is about to come to an end, Skelia Ukraine had gathered its lovely team members at the Sonata Hotel to welcome the brand new year of 2019. ...

Skelia Celebrates 8 Years of Excellent Teamwork and Valuable Partnerships

June 10, 2017 – Lviv, Ukraine – Skelia, a trusted global IT company, is happy to announce that it has been 8 years since Skelia started crafting quality software and fruitful partnerships. To celebrate this anniversary and have a little fun, Skelia has organized a wonderful celebration on June 10 in a picturesque resort outside of Lviv, Ukraine. On the occasion of Skelia’s 8-year anniversary, the company has gathered e ...

Happy Birthday to Skelia!

Happy Birthday to Skelia! It has been another joyful, productive and fruitful year for Skelia. We would like to thank our hard-working employees and loyal customers for all the success Skelia has achieved this year! May the next year bring even more opportunities and accomplishments to all of us! ...

Skelia Ukraine Welcomed the New Year 2017

2016 is almost over, and it is time to commemorate it’s ups and downs, accomplishments and challenges. On December 23, Skelia Ukraine gathered its teams in Lviv and Kyiv to say goodbye to 2016 and welcome the year 2017. The Lviv office employees met at the Hungry Mykola restaurant for the new year’s celebration. The speech from Rostyslav Shchepan, Managing Director of Skelia Ukra ...

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