RPA for Business: The Perfect Workaround

Robotic process automation (RPA) has its roots in machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence. This software technology takes the most repetitive tasks out of your hands and leaves you free to do what humans do best – brainstorm, create, solve, and inspire to solve. Taking the robot out of the human RPA origins & predictions Why RPA How it works How do I know if RPA is for me Where to start Taking the robot out of the human© © Quote by Professor Leslie Willcox, an expert in technology, work, and globalization at the London School of Economics. By emulating how humans execute repetitive tasks, RPA can take over these ...

Tracing requests in distributed systems

Skelia’s Technology Architect Serhii Hromovyi took part in the AWS User Group Ukraine Meetup and shared his experience with distributed systems and X-Ray. We’ll highlight the most important points of his presentation. Serhii Hromovyi, Technology Architect Distributed systems are a collection of independent apps in a single coheren ...

All You Need To Know About Team Augmentation In Poland

There are a lot of factors that may influence the success of the outsourced project. These include the technical expertise of the offshore developers, their experience in the customer’s business niche, competent project management, and the right development methodology. Most enterprises choose Central and Eastern Europe because they have established the ...

Skelia Ukraine Job Digest: July 2021

As summer finally hits, why not give your career a new start? At Skelia, we’re looking for the best tech talents to join exciting, large-scale projects. The number of our clients grows and their teams are constantly expanding, so there’s a lot of opportunities for developers skillful in a range of technologies, be it AWS services, DevOps, or ecommerce apps.  ...

Overview Of The AWS Databases: What Service Works Best For You?

Most likely you are already aware of what a database is and of its main functions — processing and storing data. AWS provides a variety of data analytics resources that enable you to easily plan, scale, protect and deploy big data tools. The capabilities for capturing, saving, sorting and analyzing big data significantly diffe ...

Skelia Krakow Job Digest: June 2021

Skelia’s teams continue to grow and we’re looking for enthusiastic developers to work for our client’s projects from Krakow. Regardless of the tech stack and type of product, you’ll be joining an informal and flexible environment where we value team cooperation, knowledge sharing, and professional growth. Electrical designer wanted for the industrial automation pro ...

7 Cloud Security Issues and AWS Security Best Practices Fixes

When developing or hosting using AWS, some of the most common and serious AWS security concerns include:  Insufficient Permissions and EncryptionsAccidentally making Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) publicIdentity and Access Management (IAM ...
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