Overview Of The AWS Databases: What Service Works Best For You?

Most likely you are already aware of what a database is and of its main functions — processing and storing data. AWS provides a variety of data analytics resources that enable you to easily plan, scale, protect and deploy big data tools. The capabilities for capturing, saving, sorting and analyzing big data significantly differ.  Users constantly get confused at the point when they need to choose the database that works best for them and the ...

Skelia Krakow Job Digest: June 2021

Skelia’s teams continue to grow and we’re looking for enthusiastic developers to work for our client’s projects from Krakow. Regardless of the tech stack and type of product, you’ll be joining an informal and flexible environment where we value team cooperation, knowledge sharing, and professional growth. Electrical designer wanted for the industrial automation pro ...

7 Cloud Security Issues and AWS Security Best Practices Fixes

When developing or hosting using AWS, some of the most common and serious AWS security concerns include:  Insufficient Permissions and EncryptionsAccidentally making Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) publicIdentity and Access Management (IAM ...

#Skelia_looks with Maksym, Front-End Team Lead

Today, we’re going on a photographic trip with Maksym, front-end team lead at Skelia Kyiv. Not only Maksym has bright technical skills and the know-how needed to manage a productive team, but he also has a spark of creativity and enthusiasm for capturing different moments with a camera. Pixels of soul The human eye isn’t the best optical system ...

Skelia Talks With Oksana, Technical Writer

Everyone has heard something about aikido but what do we know about this practice? Aikido is a Japanese martial art and self-defence system that trains people to defend themselves without hurting an opponent. In today’s #Skelia_Talks, we’re sitting with Oksana, Technical Writer at Skelia. Oksana has been practicing aikido for four years and is really enthusiastic about it. We ask ...

Flutter 2 is Now Available with its Desktop Update

For a long time, creating mobile applications quickly and cost-efficiently for major mobile platforms was a problem. Initially, most companies would have separate teams for each platform and develop their apps individually. However, this was very costly for most; apps would have different feature sets, different issues, and all because the code for each was not bei ...

Skelia’s Corporate Social Responsibility Overview

Acting responsibly and maintaining ethical conduct has always been part of who we are at Skelia. We take a people-first approach to create sustainable and eco-friendly business processes and solutions — cor ...
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