What Makes a Great QA Team: Insider’s Look from Skelia

QA engineers ensure the end quality of software products, being tasked with finding both technical and user-perspective issues. The workflow inside the team and communication across different roles are essential for testing engineers. At Skelia, we are dedicated to building strong and efficient teams where people are valued over processes, responsibilities are shared, and each individual feels free to take the initiative.

We combine manual, automated, and hybrid testing approaches, and our engineers are involved in the full cycle of testing including backend and frontend tests, API testing, and documentation.

Team Chemistry

Being a true part of a team is never a given, and being a part of a high-functioning team with a trustful and cooperative environment is what most people are dying to have. For the most part, it’s the team that is the key for our QA engineers: their biggest motivation comes from a realization that their work contributes to the team efforts along with the great product.

We have that team chemistry that makes work fun and efficient: understanding each other well, we bring great results together.

Iryna Rak, Lead Automation QA

Skelia’s testing engineers are involved in the Scrum processes and work on the Sprint objectives together with the whole team. They know how the responsibilities are distributed and always can learn from other members. In fact, being able to learn—from both interesting challenges and coworkers—is the thing Skelia’s engineers value most.

Skelia Life

Learning from the Team

We often engage engineers in other projects for them to widen their expertise and develop new skills. Team leads coordinate what tasks newcomers and people from other streams get to facilitate their professional growth. Junior and Middle testers who have a learning curve to their positions also have a program with dedicated mentors who guide them through all the nuances.

Embracing the New

Knowledge sharing, effective cross-team communication, and a positive environment are three pillars of Skelia’s work culture. Another thing we value is keeping up with industry trends and trying out new technologies. 

Since the products we build are scaling and expanding, we always stay on top of what’s new and select those innovative approaches and tools that help improve our testing processes. Thanks to team cooperation and encouragement to implement new tools help QA engineers enhance their technical expertise.

All our engineers have a strong desire to learn and the company fulfills it to the fullest. Thanks to challenging projects and cross-team initiatives, we always learn. 

Nadiia Hryhorchuk Flex QA Engineer

If you feel that a team like ours is where you can belong, apply to one of our open positions!

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