Skelia’s Secrets to Fulfilling Working Life

Workplace culture and environment in a company are undoubtedly a foundation for business success and high employee engagement. 46% of job seekers and 88% of employees listed company culture as one of the key factors they pay attention to. This issue has become even more apparent with the pandemic making shifts to business operations and workplace strategies.

At Skelia, we’re dedicated to ensuring a healthy working environment based on direct communication and transparent project management methodology. Our employees’ loyalty is important to us but so is their work-life balance. We build working relationships on trust and respect and we do our best in mixing up the routine with fun events and other initiatives.

We’re constantly growing along with our clients, welcoming new members to the teams. All of them can benefit from solving real-life challenges, directly influencing the future of cutting-edge projects, and learning from colleagues. In this article, we’ll tell a bit more about how we build our processes and ensure that any professional working for us is happy with their experience.

Work-Life Balance during Quarantine

Since the pandemic called for changes, we managed to shift all processes to remote and all our jobs are now available on a work-from-home basis. What we’ve discovered from this change is that it only positively impacts productivity and brings new opportunities to creatively shape an individual workplace.

I like working from home because I can turn on Netflix movies about nature in the background, have my cat and my dog around, and work feeling like a Snow White in the magic forest.

Mariia, Designer

Our offices are also available so everyone has the choice. We keep them safe by controlling the distance and creating healthy points with thermometers, disinfectants, and masks. Furthermore, for those who do feel more productive at the office, we offer taxi compensation and Covid test reimbursement. Here’s what some employees have to say about the current office environment:

Working from the office is more productive for me nowadays. There are fewer distractions, it’s very quiet, and it helps separate work from personal life. It’s definitely safe as most people work from home so there’s more than enough space for social distancing.

Sviatoslav, Branch Manager

I usually walk to the office because I live nearby. But I appreciate having the opportunity to take a taxi in lousy weather and get reimbursement from Skelia—it helps me save physical and mental resources.

Kateryna, Office Manager

Growth in Clients

The pandemic doesn’t stop Skelia from accumulating new clients and extending already existing teams. We’re always hiring people for new projects, each involving the latest technologies and exciting tasks. The clients we cooperate with are located in Europe and North America and their products cover a variety of industries from ecommerce to tourism to design software.

I like it that I can adopt and use new technologies on the project. I’ve learned a lot thanks to that, and I continue learning.

Serhii, Senior iOS Developer

Technology Stack Required for Our Projects

We work with practically any technology that is out there—Java, JS, React, Python, Angular, Magento, you name it. We have a dedicated QA department, TestLab, that covers full-cycle testing services for a variety of new and existing products. Also, there’s MobileLab that handles mobile development projects. Diversity in technologies lets us work with very different professionals, while dedicated teams allow employees to grow, sharing their expertise and learning from each other.

On the current project, I deal with a variety of tasks that require knowledge from different areas. I would even say that this is the case when the skills gained at the university come in handy (probability theory, mathematical statistics, etc.).

Yurii, Tech Lead & Senior .NET Developer

Our Values

We’re committed to finding the best tech talents and becoming a second family to them. Our company culture promotes respect, trust, and transparency. Our team means a lot to us and we offer high remuneration packages and yearly salary reviews.

Salary review happens once per year, but can be done even more frequently in case of big achievements, changes made to the project, or promotion to another role. There’s no rule to the percentage of salary increase—it depends on a particular situation. Theoretically, it can be decreased, but, in my opinion, it’s impossible.

Maksym, Front End Team Lead

We believe that we don’t need a bureaucracy to ensure effective communication within and across teams. Everyone is equally involved in shaping the future of projects and anyone can bring ideas to the table.

At Skelia, I value open and transparent communication, as well as the ability to make decisions and instantly implement them without any bureaucracy. You can come to management with your business idea and get it supported in a few hours. I also value a friendly atmosphere here and the great team I’m working with.

Liubov, Head of Marketing

Perks and Benefits

We offer a so-called benefit cafe, which is a possibility to choose among several available corporate benefits, be it a gym pass, fuel and parking remuneration, books, medical treatment, or else. Also, we offer 24 paid vacation days and 10 paid sick leaves per year.

I’m delighted with the number of vacation days at Skelia. There’s no denying that to work effectively, we need to rest enough.

Olena, HR Manager

Support for professional growth is another valuable benefit we offer at Skelia. Each employee has a yearly budget for various training programs.

Skelia gives you an excellent opportunity to grow as a developer. You can take online and offline courses, rent development-related books. It is very convenient. I prefer reading and watching and then carrying out experiments. It is always useful to learn something new.

Oleksandr, Senior Front-End Developer

We also organize internal webinars each month to keep our employees engaged. Both engineers and non-technical specialists appreciate opportunities for professional development.

Despite the quarantine, they keep us together as one team. We learn, gain new interesting skills, and just have fun together.

Iryna, English Teacher

Skelia as Your Dream Job Employer

When deciding on a job, people look for professional growth opportunities as much as they do for the sense of belonging and safety. At Skelia, we’re committed to providing the best possible conditions for our employees, ensuring they are bringing their expertise to the team along with learning something new and solving exciting industry challenges.

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