Skelia’s Corporate Social Responsibility Overview

Acting responsibly and maintaining ethical conduct has always been part of who we are at Skelia.

We take a people-first approach to create sustainable and eco-friendly business processes and solutions — corporate responsibility is fully embedded in all our business processes and at all levels.

For Skelia, taking the lead in technical innovations and contemporary approaches to doing business is not enough. We believe true success is making a positive impact in the lives of our employees, people in the local communities, and stakeholders. 

We are very conscious of our community’s needs and problems. Thus, we unite people, technology, and resources to create sustainable business processes and solutions where technology doesn’t harm but gives each person the tools to thrive.

Our main goals:

Investing in education and technical communities.

For Skelia, investing in education is taking care of our own future as a tech company. We actively partner with educational centers and universities all over the country to support student’s educational endeavors. 

Recently, Skelia had the privilege of providing cutting edge equipment for the Robotics Bachelor Program of Lviv Polytechnic National University. Still, on Robotics, we’ve also supported Boteon, a non-profit information platform and incubator for robotics-related projects, and collaborative infrastructure for developers. It’s our earnest endeavour to support impactful social initiatives like Boteon. At present, we are also actively cooperating with a local organization in Lviv n  need.

Moreover, Skelia continuously supports local and international IT-conferences and events. Recently, we’ve held a series of QA devoted events in Lviv and also actively sponsor: Lviv Power BI User Group Meetups, SQL communities, Data Platform User Group, Lviv Azure Bootcamp, SQLSaturday Pass conference, GDG Devfest Ukraine 2020, CoffeeJUG Lviv Java community. In 2021 we’re exclusive Gold Sponsor of Lviv JavaDay.

Last but not least, Skelia is going the extra mile to help women in tech. There are so many talented women in tech but often they lack recognition. It’s one of our responsibilities as a tech company to give them the spotlight. Skelia actively provides support for Women Techmakers events, a global program backed by Google that provides visibility, community, and resources for women in technology. 

Over the years, we have been consistently refining our corporate responsibility practices. We are proud to be a member of the Lviv IT Cluster, where we continually contribute to innovation and growth.

Skelia green approach

Climatic change is a reality, and Skelia’s goal as a business is to leave a positive environmental footprint. We encourage our employees to implement eco-friendly practices and Incentivize carpooling, public transportation, and bike riding to work. You will find a cycling track infrastructure near our development headquarters and free bike stands.

Within our offices, we promote eco-friendly practices, carefully categorizing waste into five groups: paper, plastic, metal, glass, and even batteries. We have also switched from disposable cups to branded, reusable mugs. 

To ensure unanimous cooperation on eco-friendly standards, we hold lectures on sustainable environmental practices to help our teams understand their impact on the environment. 

We even take this a notch higher by implementing hosting events where team Skelia cleans the park near our offices. Everyone can have good intentions, but not everyone is willing to get their hands dirty with manual tasks. Fortunately, team Skelia is changing the narrative.

Healthy life within Skelia

As the old adage states, charity begins at home. At Skelia, we highly value our employees, making sure they have a healthy work-life balance and are leading healthy lifestyles. Our Smart Benefit Café system offers our colleagues medical care programs and reimbursement for sport and medical treatment. It’s our earnest endeavor to invest in a healthy work environment.

To this effect, Skelia actively sponsors sporting events for employees, such as internal volleyball and running. We’ve participated in Lviv Molokiya Run and the Polish Business Run. While sporting events are healthy, they can also be dangerous if the people involved don’t know how to react in unexpected circumstances. Therefore, we also make it a point to ensure that all our employees have passed First Aid courses. 

With the advent of COVID-19, we are now providing even more support for our employees. We’ve installed healthy corners in all offices, providing reimbursement for a taxi to the office, free flu vaccinations, and COVID PCR tests.

Skelia social

2021 started for Skelia with good deeds. We’ve successfully launched a charity event together with “With an angel on the shoulder” fund. We collected together and transferred 17200 UAH, which helped the fund order a freezer for storing donor blood for WUS CMC (“Chornobyl Hospital”). Skelia also added plus 28000 UAH to our joint donation to the fund.

Sometimes, life is unfair. However, it’s our duty to help those who are less privileged. Every year we are committed to helping our local charity fund, “St.Nickolas won’t forget you,” whose main aim is to take care of children critically in need of love during the winter holidays. We also work with organizations and funds that help local children’s centers, providing them with funds, educational materials, and lovely toys. 

We understand that we can’t do it all alone; therefore, we also invest in supporting awareness programs of those in need. One of such events we participate in is the World Autism Awareness Day. 

Last but not least, Skelia diligently invests in cultural causes — we have a wonderful tradition of celebrating the Kings Day in Ukraine.

Trust and respect for everyone and in every work process

For Skelia, what matters the most is making a positive impact on the world and the people around us. We celebrate cultural diversity, offer equal employment opportunities, and ensure that each person receives the best possible working conditions. Our mission is to provide a safe work environment and build trustful and fruitful relations within our organization. 

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