#Skelia_looks with Maksym, Front-End Team Lead

Today, we’re going on a photographic trip with Maksym, front-end team lead at Skelia Kyiv. Not only Maksym has bright technical skills and the know-how needed to manage a productive team, but he also has a spark of creativity and enthusiasm for capturing different moments with a camera.

Pixels of soul

The human eye isn’t the best optical system in nature, but still, the power of it can’t be replaced with technology in a lot of aspects. Sometimes, you’re lucky to catch the perfect moment with the eye and convert it to pixels, capturing the moment forever. 

Pixels can talk, even if they aren’t a set of frames in a video. What they tell us differs from one beholder to another. Some of the pictures I take sound like pieces of advice in my mind:

  • Love people around you (but don’t forget about the mask)
  • There’s a whole world to enjoy if you look on the ground
  • …And if you look up in the sky
  • Always keep in mind: perfection can be just around the corner
  • Or, try looking under your feet
  • Yep, you’ve almost missed something somebody else
  • Try to be kind despite the circumstances
  • Enjoy the moment like a child
  • And even if you’ve all grown up, don’t forget shooting for a star once in a while
  • See places when they still exist
  • Rock yourself like a hurricane
  • …And yes: cats rule the world

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