#Skelia_looks with Kateryna, office and event manager from Skelia Kyiv

There’s a saying that it’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. Indeed, sometimes images can tell much more about a person than words can. So we’ve been wondering how to grasp someone’s personality without interviewing them in our traditional #Skelia_talks manner — that’s how the idea of visual interviews #Skelia_looks came about. 

We’re starting a new chapter in our interviews with Kateryna, office and event manager at Skelia Kyiv. At the early stages of her career, she’s already demonstrated what a reliable and creative professional she is. Kateryna is passionate about photography, volunteering, and travelling. Kateryna is an intersectional feminist, she believes in the future where all people have equal rights and enjoys perceiving the world through the lens of a camera. 

Kate was kind to answer our questions with the help of photography, so don’t hold back any longer and enjoy her beautiful works.

  • How do you perceive the future?
how do you see the future?
  • What do you carry inside you?
  • What do you find powerful?
  • Who embodies trickery?
Cunning cat
  • How would you picture kindness and warmth?
  • Where do you see magic?
Winter magic
  • What feels disturbing to you?
  • What seems captivating to you?
  • When do empires collapse?
  • Can you catch a glimpse of your hometown?
  • Where do you look for inspiration? 

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