Pros and Cons of Dedicated Teams

A professional team is key to success. With the help of a close-knit team, a company achieves outstanding results on the market, shows better productivity and gains a stable reputation. Let we share some advantages and disadvantages of one of the most popular outsourcing models called “dedicated teams”.


A dedicated team is a widely used outsourcing engagement model allowing companies to extend their in-house teams with one or more remote IT professionals, fully allocated and functioning as a virtual cross-border integrated team with that company. The customer has full control of operations, priorities and key strategic planning questions such as project scope, concept generation, etc. Moreover, the client chooses the best people to work with and gets the highest level of flexibility scaling up or down according to sourcing needs.

A remote team is responsible for technical implementation and properly works as a part of the customer’s mechanism sharing the same methodologies, approaches and business objectives. Accordingly, team management can be implemented on the customer’s side or can be outsourced to the provider’s project manager for operating the communication process.


One may consider project-based outsourcing or in-house recruitment model as good alternatives to work with. However, project-based outsourcing is a time-bound model ideal for projects with static requirements and well-defined deliverables. This model won’t fit for long-time projects with an evolving scope. Furthermore, it’s quite cumbersome to hire or replace employees when the development process has started; as new team members require to get acquainted with the project specifications and gain the necessary skills for it.


First of all, you actively participate in a selection of team members. You can find a perfect candidate using a short-list of top candidates prepared by the supplier.
Secondly, the work is transparent to you and it’s easily manageable because you have full control over the remote human and technical resources.
Moreover, with the help of video and voice call services, your remote team members can be reached directly as if they were sitting in your physical workspace.
A compelling argument consists of an adaptation to customer’s requirements, values and culture. A long-term cooperation allows the dedicated team to be accustomed to and acquainted with your company and services.
Money talks in traditional outsourcing while you can cut down on your expenses with the remote development team.
Most of the IT outsourcing companies have state-of-the-art infrastructure including office space, hardware, software and communication facilities which can be activated and used as soon as you discuss your project and make a deal.
A key benefit of the dedicated model is that your virtually integrated team acts as if it were your employees and shares the success of your company.


While dedicated teams are virtually integrated with the customer’s onsite operations, some companies need to overcome or get used the perceived burden of multi-site cooperation. However, in general, many companies, managers and employees have positive experiences with occasional homeworking practices or company internal multi-site operations, easing the logical step to a remote dedicated team model.


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