IT Outsourcing Trends in 2015

Outsourcing has become a progressive strategy that helps companies adapt to the ever-evolving market on the fly. More and more businesses are contracting IT outsourcing providers to tap into a new way of thinking and sophisticated IT services tackling burning business issues.

Core challenges such as the need to harness new technologies or to enhance services show that the drivers for IT outsourcing growth are mainly about business transformation rather than just reducing costs and time to market. Thus, in 2015, the outsourcing services sector is undergoing transformations addressing significant challenges in operational efficiency, advanced technologies, and customer experience.

So, let’s discover which IT outsourcing trends have a profound effect on the business evolution and transformation now.

Omnipresent Digital Revolution

Based on Social Media, Mobility, Big Data and Cloud, the Digital Revolution has embraced the business world and now requires IT outsourcing companies to make significant changes in their service landscape. In 2015, smart companies continue reshaping themselves as Digital Enterprises aligning with a customer experience and delivering more value through innovative IT services.

Successful Partnership

No company can sustain business development without relying on and cooperating with others. That is the reason why more and more customers look for a reliable business partner who can bring new growth opportunities and increased value for their businesses. The success of such relationships is rooted in mutual trust and reinforced by sharing knowledge across both technology and business areas.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has already been a major technology trend for several years and it keeps its position in 2015. Cloud has introduced a new approach to IT that allows companies to select the way they deliver and acquire IT outsourcing services decreasing typical software and hardware constraints. However, security continues to be an issue raising many practical concerns for cloud solutions adoption.

Big Data Skills

Besides big talks about big data, another big issue in 2015 is an availability of human resources with big data expertise. Businesses outsource big data experts with analytical skills who can design data architectures needed to manage unstructured data and handle real-time analysis.

Multi-sourcing Challenges

Service management and integration challenges are largely unresolved for companies that simultaneously work with several IT service providers as a part of a single process. Driven by the pressure of high overhead expenses, buyers look for outsourcing companies that deliver more tailored solutions and full-cycle services ensuring streamlined operations.

The challenges faced by businesses across the sector define their approaches to IT outsourcing. Instead of delegating functions to different third-party outsourcing vendors, companies are inclined to employ a multi-process outsourcing approach with a single reliable IT outsourcing partner. Due to expanding the services spectrum and including highly demanded technologies, outsourcing providers can ensure operational excellence and deliver high-quality services, and that is the way how IT outsourcing continues growing in 2015.




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