5 Hot IT Jobs – Everybody Needs, Nobody Finds

It’s a great time to be in tech! The industry is heating up and so is the IT labor market. This continues to be good news for established experts and those set to blaze an IT career trail. The tech sector is thriving with opportunities and techies are rolling in dough, as the demand for the hottest IT jobs is already through the roof and it doesn’t look to be letting up anytime soon. Working in engineering is all the rave, and it’s difficult to find a reason not to pursue one of those ‘nerdy’ careers. Now, if you have a knack for technology and dream in programming code, then you’re meant for IT!

However, things move at a breakneck speed in the tech world and the industry shows no signs of slowing down. The pace of change can be dizzying. New job roles spring up and become more mainstream. There’s an endless supply of emerging trends to keep up with. Highly skilled engineers are a hot commodity, but what does it take for a tech pro to remain relevant in the years ahead? With the coming onslaught of technology, you need to constantly stay abreast of the latest trends and keep your skills sharp.

So, what are the hot IT jobs for which the demand consistently outstrips supply? What are the most sought-after skills that can get you hired? Which job trends have the staying power to grow in the future? It’s no news that Data Scientist tops the list of the roles that will likely dominate the IT landscape five years out, but the jobs that aren’t far behind might surprise you. Start taking notes!

Competition for tech talent is fierce. Organizations across all industries are struggling to hook A-players for their engineering positions like Cyber Security Specialist or Big Data Engineer. Technological advances prompt companies to exploit breakthrough innovation which creates a pressing need to fill highly specific gaps, from IoT Architects to VR Developers to AI Programmers / Machine Learning Developers.

Let’s check out what makes these gigs so great!

Cyber Security Specialist

5 Hot IT Jobs Cyber Security SpecialistCyber Security Specialist has long been on the hot IT jobs list – not surprising given an upsurge in high-profile data breaches and sophisticated cyber-attacks. And things will get worse before they get any better, as hackers continually up their game and gatecrash systems at record rates. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a growing number of potential attack targets. Just imagine a world of billions of IoT connected devices hit by cyber-terrorists. Imagine the chaos…

The series of notorious hacks is a wake-up call for businesses. The last thing anyone wants is to be the next HBO or Sony. Organizations are becoming more vigilant in combating cyber-criminals and beefing up their security posture. Tech security is hot in every vertical. However, globally, we are already facing a shortfall of 1 million InfoSec professionals and that need will continue to grow well into the future. Amid an ongoing skills gap, even large corporations are desperate to find seasoned cybersecurity specialists. Rapidly escalating threats are pushing companies to take more proactive approaches by hiring white hats and penetration testers to try to outsmart their security measures and find ways to strengthen their cyber defence.

Cyber Security Specialist is really a job for the here and now. So, if you’re looking for a safe tech career investment bet, cybersecurity is the one to choose.

Big Data Engineer

Big Data EngineerData management is big business today, so Big Data is a trend that is here to stay.

Organizations, inundated with vast amounts of information, are now taking data management seriously and seeking to extract insights and business value from the wealth of data they are harvesting or generating. That information could be crucial to companies in important decision-making, developing operational strategies, providing greater client value and making accurate predictions.

These days more than ever, this field is enjoying explosive growth. As more and more industries are being built around data, there’s a lot of work for big data engineers and the demand for professionals in this area continues to soar. After all, someone has to make sense of the myriads of structured and unstructured data being accumulated.

Businesses of all stripes are being proactive in how to capitalize on massive data sets and carve out a competitive edge. They are recruiting big data engineers that can help them compile, store and aggregate this complex data into databases as well as design, build, maintain and test big data solutions. Without these pros, data scientists wouldn’t have any data to work with. That’s what makes big data engineers an income generator and a highly valued asset to any company.

So, if you love working with heaps of information and finding killer ways to transform, categorize and use it, Big Data Engineer may well be your dream job!

IoT Architect

IoT ArchitectWith the rise of the Internet of Things, and smart houses and intelligent cities already operating all around the world, IoT architects are having their day.

Rapid population growth in megapolises is leading to more traffic congestion, air pollution and waste as well as insufficient infrastructure and lack of resources. Cities will need to figure out new ways to solve urban problems and undergo digital transformations to thrive in the future. Simplifying the lives of residents by using innovation and blending technology with the physical world – this is all part of the Internet of Things master plan.
This trend calls for building the infrastructure for a smart city, but we’ll never get there without the right talent and skills. This is where IoT architects enter the scene. Those are the guys who orchestrate the whole thing and make the Internet of Things actually happen. In fact, the IoT is top of mind for many innovative firms that are constantly on the lookout for experts proficient in core network architecture and design, managing delivery of complex IoT solutions, M2M, cloud/SaaS and security – skills that any tech geek wouldn’t mind exploring.

VR Developer

vr developerUnless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you’ve probably heard of the Oculus Rift’s storming success and all of the hype around virtual reality. VR is on the up and has some of the brightest masterminds working like crazy to take this bleeding-edge technology to a new level.

Numerous agencies are experimenting with VR for its future business potential. Virtual reality is no longer just about games – Google and The New York Times also have some great VR projects in the making. Fields like architecture, medicine, manufacturing, science and a dozen of other industries will benefit as the VR technology advances. And there has to be someone to design all these solutions. So, VR developers will see a steep increase in demand for their skills, as budgets go up and more and more enterprises look to explore the next big tech trend.

Remember the mind-bending Inception movie, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, where characters used the dream-sharing technology to construct imaginary worlds, which other people could experience in their dreams? This is exactly what VR developers do – build a mind-blowing virtual world and make others feel as if they are inside of it. This is something that only creative minds can envision and bring to life, and if you’re one of them, then this job will nourish your soul.

AI Programmer / Machine Learning Developer

AI ProgrammerA steep surge in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning leaves no room for doubt – we are on the cusp of a new digital era. In the future, machines will be given a ‘brain’ and will ‘think’ and behave like humans, learning to do things they weren’t programmed to do.

The world’s biggest tech corporations like Apple, Microsoft and Google are already pursuing this and looking for AI whizzes and ML geeks to build their artificial intelligence and machine learning products. It comes as no surprise that AI Programmers and Machine Learning Developers are now dominating the list of hot IT jobs. Filling those positions, though, is proving tough, as the demand for those skills is gaining steam and very specific talent is needed. Only the most passionate engineers adept at this futuristic technology and bursting with new ideas will be able to push AI/ML projects forward and create those advanced systems.

Now, which of these job titles inspires you? What tech skills would you like to add to your own toolbox? If you’re thinking of making a career move, which path would you choose? Look no further for answers. Rest assured you won’t fare badly if you have expertise in one (or more) of those fields.


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