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Not sure whether Skelia is the right fit for you? Take a look at the list below.
Is that something you can relate to?

  • You face difficulties to recruit locally

    You face difficulties to recruit locally.

  • No problem to find engineers locally

    No problem to find engineers locally.

  • You recognize the importance of team stability

    You consider team stability as critical.

  • Talent rotating into and out of your team is okay

    Team rotation is not your primary concern.

  • You want to control the production process

    You want to control the production process.

  • You prefer to outsource your production process

    You prefer to outsource your production process.

  • It’s important to maintain company culture

    You consider matching company cultures important.

  • Cultural matching with partners and vendors is unimportant

    Cultural matching is not your concern.

  • You value solid professionals and quality work

    You value quality most.

  • You value low prices above all else

    You value the lowest price most.

  • Your needs are not fully defined and (will) evolve

    Your needs are not fully defined and (will) evolve.

  • You have clear specs and prefer a fixed price cooperation

    You have clear specs and prefer a fixed price cooperation.

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Skelia Facts


cross-border teams built


countries served


customers served


7-10% employee turnover


clients work with us more than 2+ years


employees with 3 or more years of
professional experience

Customer testimonials

The technical level is remarkably high. The work ethic is very close to the work ethics we have. We have all systems in place, good communication, good workflow here.

— Guillaume Hallaert | Hardware Team Leader at Agidens

The collaboration was so interesting and beneficial that we have decided to reorganize the company in such a way that we could outsource all future development activities to Skelia.

— Steven Hackars | Founder and Product Director at c-Quilibrium

I appreciate the collaboration with Skelia very much because of their pragmatic approach and also their open and direct communication channels. Because of their professionalism and flexibility, Skelia is an excellent partner to help you to extend your team.

— Dominique Pierard | Operations Manager Nearshore at Realdolmen, a member of the European Gfi Group

From a business standpoint, the strongest element of Skelia is its customer-oriented approach. The company was helping us achieve our project goals, discussing our needs, and providing us with the necessary ideas.

— Sven Coppens | Development Manager at Aprimo

I would highly recommend Skelia to small and mid-sized companies who really want to invest in extending their teams. Within our area, there are many businesses that could benefit from this collaboration, and I would definitely recommend Skelia to them.

— Kristof Caekebeke | Head of Development Omni-Channel at Thomas Cook


Best profile match

You decide — carefully select the best people to match your IT & engineering needs, language requirements and company culture.

Stay in control

We build bridges not walls— our engineers work as part of your cross-border organization while we take care of all supporting services.

Working your way

We follow your preferences – from tools, policies, processes, methodologies, up to company culture and style.

Open Book Pricing Model

We create trustful relations—an open-book transparent costing and pricing model as cornerstone for a successful partnership.

No lock-in

No volume requirements, no exit fees—start small, experience working together and scale-up/down your cross-border team as you go.  

Create your affiliate company

We build your nearshore company – optionally spin-off your team as a full-owned affiliate company and run your own nearshore service center.

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