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Don’t worry, we are keeping all the good things that you love about us –
a highly engaged team, exceptional quality and premium service.
All the more so, we have more pwr and additional locations to scale up your organization.

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We build your
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Skelia recognized as a Global Top 100 Sustained Growth company by Clutch

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Wondering if Skelia is the right fit for you?
Let us know if…

  • You face difficulties to recruit locally

    Recruiting locally has been difficult.

  • No problem to find engineers locally

    No problem to find engineers locally.

  • You recognize the importance of team stability

    You consider team stability critical.

  • Talent rotating into and out of your team is okay

    Team rotation is not your primary concern.

  • You want to control the production process

    You want full control and visibility of your ops and other processes

  • You prefer to outsource your production process

    You prefer to outsource your production process.

  • It’s important to maintain company culture

    Company culture is a top priority.

  • Cultural matching with partners and vendors is unimportant

    Cultural matching is not your concern.

  • You value solid professionals and quality work

    Quality, dedicated talent is one of your most important priorities.

  • You value low prices above all else

    You value the lowest price most.

  • Your needs are not fully defined and (will) evolve

    You appreciate flexibility and agille teamwork

  • You have clear specs and prefer a fixed price cooperation

    You have clear specs and prefer a fixed price cooperation.

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Skelia Facts


cross-border teams built


countries served


customers served


7-10% employee turnover


of clients have worked with us for over 2 years


of employees have 3 or more years of professional experience

Our Clients Testimonials

Dev Staff Augmentation for Flight & Hotels Management System

  • Sweden
  • Leisure, Travel, & Tourism
    Leisure, Travel, & Tourism
Project summary:
To scale and augment internal development teams, Skelia provided resources to help develop a travel system to manage flights and hotels. The tech stack includes AngularJS, C#, SQL, and RabbitMQ.
Feedback summary:
Skelia has helped deliver on a major project along with some minor ones. They're able to adapt well to client feedback and treat the relationship as a two-way street.
Daniel Dandemar

Daniel Dandemar

Tech Manager
Nordic Leisure Travel Group
They are very professional and are always interested in understanding the problem that we are solving.

Managed IT Services for IT Offshoring Company

  • Belgium
  • Computer Software
    Computer Software
Project summary:
Skelia provides managed IT services, working on a variety of services such as server patching, new service installation, upgrades, and virtualizations. They also work on the wireless network.
Feedback summary:
The team delivered more than 99% of their tickets on time, with the vast majority fully addressed and requiring no further attention. They manage the work well and address all issues on time.
Dominique Pierard

Dominique Pierard

Operations Manager of Offshore Activities
They did about 2,000 tasks a month…

Process Automation for Industrial Automation Organization

  • Belgium
  • Industrial Automation
    Industrial Automation
Project summary:
Skelia augmented an industrial automation company's staff with a group of highly skilled engineers. Their team works with the IT infrastructure and coding for automation processes.
Feedback summary:
The vendor provided a very motivated and hardworking team, stemming from a strong hiring process. Their communication skills and willingness to learn are impressive.
Guillaume Hallaert

Guillaume Hallaert

Hardware Teamleader
The experience up until now has been very positive.

Custom Software Dev for Fintech Platform

  • Belgium
  • IT Services
    IT Services
Project summary:
Skelia serves as a nearshore extension of a software development team. They’ve assisted in developing the application, presentation and data layers of the database, utilizing SQL, .NET, C#, and more.
Feedback summary:
Skelia understands the team’s precise requirements to deliver phenomenal work. They define the clients’ needs before providing them and maintain efficiency without compromising quality.
Steven Hackars

Steven Hackars

Product Director
There’s a strong bond that’s grown organically because of the perfect communication.

QA Testing for Sales Enablement Platform

  • Belgium
  • Informational Technologies
    Informational Technologies
Project summary: Because of a lack of resources, Skelia’s team of QA engineers were hired for manual and automated testing. Their team works remotely on a variety of QA tasks. Feedback summary: Skelia’s skilled team and efficient workflow has led to continued engagement. They fit as part of the internal team. Their proactiveness was noteworthy. They’re flexible, communicative, and insightful.
Chris De Mol

Chris De Mol

Engineering Program Director


After several years, they’ve proven that they deliver quality work in the context that we use them.


Best Profile Match

You decide — carefully select the best people to match your IT & engineering needs, language requirements and company culture.

Stay in Control

We build bridges, not walls— our engineers work as part of your cross-border organization while we take care of all supporting services.

You Call the Shots

We follow your preferences – from tools, policies, processes and methodologies all the way up to company culture and style.

Transparent Pricing Model

We actively seek to build trust. This is why we set a transparent pricing model from the very beginning.

Not Locked-In

No volume requirements. No exit fees. Start as large or small as you’d like, and scale up or down your team as you go.

Create Your Affiliate Company

We build your nearshore company – optionally spin-off your team as a full-owned affiliate company and run your own nearshore service center.